25 gal Perfect Patio Reverse Flow Smoker

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by jwsimpleville, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. After that I actually ran out of day, my goal is to start back around 5am and try to finish this thing up tomorrow.
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    JW, morning.... When you cut the opening in the CC, did you allow for the thickness of the insulation on the FB ..... Just checking.......

  3. Good morning Dave, and you do have an eye for the details. The first cut I did not however I did go back in and cut another 1" higher before welding it into place.
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  4. daveomak

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  5. Wow...that is looking awesome!  Thanks for the detailed pics!
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    Nice job! I sure would like to find the time to make one.

    Keep up the great work.
  7. Just curious, what did you use for the insulation on the firebox?
  8. txsmokedlk

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    Yes I was thinking the same thing.
    I've been looking at fire brick....but not sure yet.

    Might I ask another question.....not related to your build. What would happen if the fire box was twice the size it needed to be?

    You are flying through this....nice!
  9. Search Lowes.com for Roxul Stone Wool Insulation it's good up to 2000° If I recall correctly.

    The size of the firebox doesn't really matter as you can just build a smaller fire bin to control the size of your fire... Stay tuned for more updates, I just finished a 12 hour day working on this and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the progress.
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    I guess you are going to answer the question of if a smoker can be built in a week!!!! Great job!
  11. First thing today at 6:30am I got to work on the food grates and the rails with anti-tip braces.

    Everything slides great so I finished up the expanded.

  12. Next up was the ash drawer handle

    Next up was the cook chamber door stop

  13. Cut out the air vent on the firebox

  14. Got the thermometer mounted in the door.

    Got the shelf and wood basket built and lined with expanded metal.
  15. Still had some time left as it was just after lunch, so I got out the sandblaster and cleaned it up.
  16. Then got it painted.
    While I was waiting for the paint to dry to the touch I worked on my utility trailer.

    Then I got the Smoker put back together

    All that's left to do is to season the grates and cook chamber, however I'll leave that to it's new owner.
    You may ask what gave me the motivation to get this done, I will simply reply with $650.
    So in all since I bought a new sheet of 3/16" steel for $125 I'm into this build for about $200.
    Ask away if you have any questions.
    I will be more than happy to help where I can.
    Btw I did do a test burn and she holds very well between 225-250.
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  17. I guess your right, I was posting all the pictures and typing things up when you said this.
    I have to admit without my wife's help and willingness to make several trips to the scrap yard, and the store it wouldn't have happened this quickly.
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    Jwsimpleville nice build. Is tht the 110 lb sandblaster from harbor freight? If so, thts the exact one I bought recently along with a 40lb box of abrasive media. Both are still in the box and I hvnt used it yet. My question to u is, how well in ur opinion does it work? From the pic it seems to be doing its job. Is it a slow process? And how much media for tht build? And wat size compressor did u use? Thanks in advance.
  19. We have a 10hp compressor with a 100gal tank and a surge tank of another 80gal to increase the volume of air available.
    This thing took almost one 50lb bag of 60-80 grit (fine) coal media to figure out the exact setting where it runs the most efficient.
    After that it took me just over 2 more 50lb bags and about an hour and a half to do this build.
    It works great but I wouldn't buy the higher priced media until I get alot more comfortable with it. The coal slag 50lb bags are on sale at Northern tool for $6.99 each practice with the cheap stuff.
    I figure I can waste 4 bags and still be ahead of paying somebody $90/hr to do it for me.
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  20. And to answer your first question, yes it is the 110lb portable sandblaster from Harbor freight.
    Here's a quick note for you to practice with yours, it seems to work better with 2 - 50lb bags in it versus just one. Secondly only open the bottom valve maybe half way.
    It works better to have a second person to help you find the right setting.

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