24hrs of Smokin...What Fun (BB-Ribs, Pork Shoulder, and Beef Brisket)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by kdsoup, Sep 5, 2011.

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    During our nice little Family Week Off; this weekend our family took a minute to take it Slow and fire up the Smoker and BBQ-Grill.  I picked up (1) Beef Brisket 12.5lbs, (1) Pork Shoulder 9.2lbs, and (3) Slabs of BB-Ribs…I called it a Total BBQ Feast!  The BBQ Fest started on Sunday morning (6am) and finally ended this morning at 9am, Yes…it went through the night!  It all started with the Pork Shoulder going in Sunday morning at 6am after soaking over night and then around 11am the (3) slabs of Baby Back Ribs were added to the Smoker (I used Hickory and Apple.)  The items were pulled out of the Smoker later on in the early evening (11hrs cook time on the Pork Shoulder and 6hrs on the ribs.)  The Porked continued to cook and then pulled at 185 Degrees and sat in the cooler for over an hour and Pulled out for serving.  The ribs finished off on the Grill with the sauce after an hour of bathing in BBQ-Sauce. 

    Then at 5:30pm Sunday night; the Beef Brisket went on with fresh wood chips (Hickory Chunks & Jack Daniels Whisky Barrel Oak Chips.)  Estimated cook time on the Beef…at least 12 hours.  As all of us enjoyed the Ribs and Pulled Pork…which did not last long; the Beef slowly cooked.  I knew it would be a long night after cooking from early in the morning, but the end result would be well worth it.  Long in to the night the Beef slowly heated up and glazed over nicely (using cola in the water pan to help sweeten the beef and create a glaze)…then around 2am, it was ready for the next phase as it approached 160 degrees.  I wrapped it up in foil and by 4:30am it was ready for the cooler and then I let it set for 4hrs to settle in and be prepped…and allow me to sleep for a few hours straight without interruption.  As you can see in the final picture at the bottom; the Beef turned out very nicely along with all the other great fixings that my Wife and Sister came up with to accent the wonderful Beef Brisket.  The ribs and Pulled Pork were also Outstanding and only crumbs were left.  All in all , it was a great way to end the weekend and keep the Enthusiasm Going strong on my new found love for BBQ/Smoking food!

    Sure Love reading all the Great Posts out on the Forum..again, Thanks for all the great information everyone!  I only wish I had more pictures of the BB, it looks so amazing with the cola glaze and the juice was just flowing while my wife and I trimmed it up and also made BBQ-Beef Sandwiches taste amazing. 


    The Pork Shoulder with nice Granny Smith Apples on top...nice sweetness.


    The final Plate...BB and Goodies!

  2. teeznuts

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    Awesome! 24 hours of smoke is hard core. Bet you smell like bbq.
  3. rbranstner

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    Man that looks like a heck of a feast! Great job!
  4. smokinal

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    Man o man that's one great looking plate of food!

  5. kdsoup

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    I can still smell the Smoke in my nose today...Ahhhhh; the Good Life of Smoking Food! 

    I only wish I would have taken the pictures of the BB, it looked amazing and I have all of you to thank for the tips/tricks.  The Cola really helped add the glaze.
  6. slownlow

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    looks great!!  nice job.

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