24" reverse flow build!

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    Hey guys! I've started on my build. I think the hardest part so far was just committing and making the first cut! Before i go any further though i want to go ahead and get all the paint off. I went at it with the rose bud this afternoon and there are three to four layers of epoxy coating on it. (We install water and sanitary sewer mains. The pipe im using is leftover from the 90's. Its was a casing pipe. 24"x1/4")

    The first question i have is. What is the best way to remove the coating? I have a sand blaster, grinders of all sizes, fire of course, and i can get a paint remover. As i said before i tried the rose bud on my torch, i think that may be a little to much heat for the steel. What do you guys think would work best in your experience?

    I got the pipe cut for the FB.

    Then took it out in the yard to burn!

    It actually worked really well! I was pretty surprised.

    Next step it to pressure wash it, and start cutting out the doors. Ill keep you posted.

    Got the doors cut out, the ends cut and tacked on, and the plate welded into place.

    Need some advice i tried my best to keep my doors from tweeking. One of them did bend a little out of shape. Any tips or tricks?
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