2016 Dark Horse Brewing BBQ Competition

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    Just some pictures from this year bbq competition, and a comparison picture from last years to this years.

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  3. Looks like you made some really good que. How did you place in the categories?
  4. Nice, great pics  How did you do ?

  5. cid79

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    Thank You Everyone.

    We took 17th in Ribs, and 10th in Brisket, out of 43 Teams

    Took 17th Overall out of 43 Teams.

    There was a side category, which was doing a pork butt, for a winner take all, I took 9th with my pork butt and my teammate got 5th with his pork butt out of 26 participants.

    Overall we did significantly better this year (our second year) with more people than we did last year, last year was our first year doing a major competition and we took 19th overall out of 31 teams.
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  6. Hey, A Big Congrats


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