2014 Michigan Get Together ( July 19 2014 )

Discussion in 'Michigan Members Group' started by handymanstan, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. Oh ya, I will be stocking up on chicken thighs for the smoke. That will be my passing dish. :)

    Need more cowbell for the band this year too.
  2. johnbphotos

    johnbphotos Fire Starter

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  3. johnbphotos

    johnbphotos Fire Starter

    SWEET. Can't wait. It's my busy season now but I will do everything in my powers to keep the BBQ on my calendar.
    My customers would have to pay a righteous premium to get that date away from me hahahaha

    One last Q, will there be power there for my MES? If not, no biggie, I'll just bring the stick burner :)
  4. Pleanty of power for the MES.
  5. hillbillyrkstr

    hillbillyrkstr Master of the Pit Group Lead

    How many smokers are in so far cam?
  6. I think my two and the MES so far. I am sure Stan will bring one out if needed as well.
  7. hillbillyrkstr

    hillbillyrkstr Master of the Pit Group Lead

    I can always bring my mes as well if necessary.
  8. handymanstan

    handymanstan Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Wow it's getting closer to party time.  We have 12 members coming so far.

    1 Cam                                                                                                                   

    2 Stan                                                   

    3 Humdinger

    4 Dave

    5 Newsmoker chaz

    6 Fpmich

    7 Seasonedlazyman brad

    8 Shamp

    9  Gator

    10 Rockstar

    11 Johnbphotos

    12 RobbQ


    I think Seasonedlazyman said he was bringing a big smoker.  I can bring one or two small charcoal smokers.

    Please if everyone coming can give us a idea of how many adults and kids that are coming with you and what food you are bringing will help the planing.

    I am going to bring my wife and Dron with me and I will bring BBRs and of course Cheese, crackers and watermelon.

    Also I will bring tables and chairs, Canopy's and a smoker.

  9. hillbillyrkstr

    hillbillyrkstr Master of the Pit Group Lead

    I think just us two again but possibly two more
  10. hillbillyrkstr

    hillbillyrkstr Master of the Pit Group Lead

    Stan, Cam, humdinger....

    None of you want to get in on a fattie throw down???

    Come on!!!


    It just equals more great for all.
  11. handymanstan

    handymanstan Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    The gauntlet has been thrown down and I am stupid enough to pick it up.  You are on Scott I will take your challenge and bring a fattie to smoke. [​IMG] What are the rules and do we have to have a box with lettuce for presentation?    Now I will have to make a fattie every weekend till the party to find the one that will win.  My granddaughter thinks a Peanut butter and jelly fattie would win...

    We might have to have a smoker just for fatties.  Anyone else?

  12. hillbillyrkstr

    hillbillyrkstr Master of the Pit Group Lead

    Alright Stan! Now were talking!

    No lettuce box. As far as rules go we will have to pick out three judges and have them judge based on taste and appearance. Of course it will be a blind taste test so the judges won't know who's is who's.

    Sound good?

    Anyone else getting in on this?

    PB&J fattie huh Stan? Make it cause if you do I like my odds! Lol!
  13. robbq

    robbq Smoke Blower

    Perhaps we can make it an 80s hair band dress up event?..lol
    Well I thought of staying somewhere close. If not even pitch a tent if there is room. .I would feel better both having some drink..and staying put. I will be traveling from Macomb Twp. Probably 1-1/2 hr trip I would estimate. .. like the idea of a fatty..it would be my first! Unless we are speaking of dating. .hahaa
  14. robbq

    robbq Smoke Blower

  15. handymanstan

    handymanstan Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Sounds good to me Scott…but what... size doesn’t matter? 

    Been thinking I might just skip the jelly then add a little sugar to the PB then some chocolate and end up with a peanut butter cup fatty with a raspberry glaze.   Bet you are getting worried now…

    If I bring a rabbit can we try smoking it in the emerson.  If it comes out good I want to buy one.
    80’S hair band…. Well I think Cam and his crew might like that. 

    There is plenty of room for a tent so no problem there.  Hope you join in doing a fatty they are pretty easy and fun to make.  Scott just made his first and you have plenty of time to practice before the party.  

    Its great that you are bring your WSM we just might need all the grate space we can get. 
  16. hillbillyrkstr

    hillbillyrkstr Master of the Pit Group Lead

    Hahahaha! You crack me up Stan! Of course size doesn't matter! It's not the size of your bait, it's how you wiggle your worm! lol!

    Oh yeah I'm worried! Peanut butter cup fattie sounds like it'll take it! Lol!

    I don't mind if you use the pressure smoker at all. I've only used it the one day and everything seemed overdone so we will have to guess on how Long to smoke it. Trial and error my friend. I'll bring it to the Q.

    Is this your official entry to the fattie duel RobbQ? If so that's awesome!

    Anybody else? Cam??? Humdinger??? Y'all getting in on this fattie throwndown???
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  17. robbq

    robbq Smoke Blower

    Yes..I believe I will officially smoke a Fatty!
    ( I haven't said that since high school! Lol )
    I have been pondering on what to actually do? Along with a regular smoke. .any suggestions on regular smoke?
  18. hillbillyrkstr

    hillbillyrkstr Master of the Pit Group Lead

    Smoke anything your good at RobbQ. So far I believe we have ABTs, chicken, babybacks, and country ribs.
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  19. hillbillyrkstr

    hillbillyrkstr Master of the Pit Group Lead

    Oh yeah, welcome to the fattie throw down! Should be fun!
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  20. hillbillyrkstr

    hillbillyrkstr Master of the Pit Group Lead

    Stan you smoke a fattie yet??? I waiting I see the results of your first one buddy.

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