2014 Indiana State Fair Backyard BBQ Comp.

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  1. Anyone participating in the State Fair BBQ Competition this year?

    Never competed before and this is going to be a great event to get my feet wet. Saturday August 9th.
  2. brian

    brian Fire Starter

    I didn't even know that we had that at the fair.  I might be up for if, or come along as a back up helper.  Have any details of the cook off?
  3. Here is the link.

    Scroll Down to "Backyard BBQ Cookoff"


    LIke I said, I have never participated but would be interested in hearing from those who have. I was there last year while it was going on, looked like a good time.
  4. brian

    brian Fire Starter

    Only thing that I see that would be an issue is no electric, so pellet ugly drum is out but the mini is in.  I didn't read anything about no gas, did you? 
  5. nptwnsmkr

    nptwnsmkr Smoke Blower

    7. All categories must be cooked on wood, charcoal, gas grill or a smoker

    It looks like gas is permitted by #7 in the terms and conditions.

    I am definitely going to consider entering, have any of you used Shoup's rubs or sauces?
  6. Since I will be using a stick burner my biggest issue is going to be space. 15x15 booth space is provided and my smoker is 12x6 at the very least. After you add tables, coolers, etc, its going to be cramped. Thats also assuming we can cook at the meats on one smoker and not need a charcoal grill, etc. I emailed the lady in charge last week and she said additional space could be purchased for $15/ft.

    I have not used Shoups seasonings  but I think you can buy them at local grocery stores.
  7. Ill join you Brian if you go
  8. brian

    brian Fire Starter

    Ok.....let me double check the date and if its open Im in.
  9. So did any of you guys sign up?

    I signed up online 2 weeks ago. All I got was a confirmation email so far.

    Should be a good time.
  10. nptwnsmkr

    nptwnsmkr Smoke Blower

     Good luck Saturday!
  11. brian

    brian Fire Starter

    Well what happened?
  12. Third place in pork loin.

    First place in the open category. We made smoked cream corn.
    Creamed corn

    We got 5th place overall out of 24 teams. Had a great time, everyone was friendly and Shoups did a great job organizing everything. Anyone who wants to get their feet wet with a competition this would be a great opportunity.
  13. Chicken box.
  14. Rib Box.
    Loin Box
  15. brian

    brian Fire Starter

    vey cool, well done!!
  16. nptwnsmkr

    nptwnsmkr Smoke Blower

    Congrats- everything looked great! 
  17. Thanks guys.

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