2010 A Smoke Odyssey Ch3 first ham, first picnic, first cracklins

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bigslick, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. bigslick

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    Was able to free up all day Sunday to have 2 good friends over and smoke.
    With the help of folks on this site I was able to cure a ham for the first time.
    Used TQ, more on that later.
    did the maple bourbon wet rub.

    Here is the ham ready to sit over night.

    Asked the wife to pick up a butt, after explaining it was a shoulder she returned with a picnic. As good a time as any for another first.
    here is ham and the picnic rubbed and ready for heat.

    Got some charcoal going, loaded BGE to the top and tried minion somewhat.

    struggled like heck to get temp right, what normally takes 10-15 mins took an hour because me being a donkey never cleaned out the ash when i prep'ed the cooker and I didn't have good airflow.
    Finally got it dialed in and smoking.
    While waiting on that decided to try cracklins with the picnic rind. did thin slices and used cast iron on the gas grill.

    Only thing I would do different is do small squares instead of strips, that was some good food, never tried them before.
    I also did some venison back strap medallions with a pepper ring filled with cream cheese wrapped in bacon but forgot to get Q view.
    Smoker after a couple hours.

    Got the temps up then foiled.
    Took the picnic to 205, and ham to 170 then stuffed in cooler wrapped in towels for a couple hours.
    Here is the picnic pulled, it came out nice.

    and the ham


    the picnic was great with some SoFlaQuers finishing sauce and Carolina mustard sauce. Also served some Roggy's I had whipped up a bit ago.
    The ham was wicked salty for me (in the TQ over a week, my mistake) but my guests loved it, and took some home, how they could eat it amazes me but they thanked me again today.
    All in all it went well and I learned a couple things for next time around.
    Thanks for looking, and all the help with your posts!
  2. meat hunter

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    Well let's see. Food looks great, your friends liked it and gave compliments, and you had a good time doing it. Sounds like a successful smoke to me[​IMG].

    Great job, everything in your pics looks really really good. [​IMG]
  3. etcher1

    etcher1 Master of the Pit

    That's some mighty fine fix'in there![​IMG]

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