200 gallon trailer rf build with drawn plans

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  1. Hello we are starting a 200 gallon rf build next week. I drew up a plan lmk what ya think and what I need to change...[ATTACHMENT=1569]image.jpg (1,137k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
    these are the measurement I cam up with the firebox will have 3 3x8 vents low one on each side one on door abd will also have a 5" round vent up high on door my biggest concern is my CC opening is a 12" tall opening enough?? Help is greatly appreciated!
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    The 12" opening is more than enough for your FB. After adding it all up on the BBQ calculator, your FB is larger then recommended but its better to have too big then too small. Looks like it will turn out to be good. Good luck.
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    You can actually drop down to 9 or 10" above the bottom of the tank and give yourself more room from the RF plate to the lower grate and still have an area under the RF plate equal to 1.5 the Feldon's required segment area (112 x 1.5 = 168 sq-in).

    Select the radius (15) and segment height (10) and you will find your area for the cutout and cross section under the RF plate (206 sq-in).


    It shows a chord of 28.28 inches and will be the number you want to use for the width of your firebox if you choose 10"

    If you go with a segment height of 9", the segment area will still be larger than 1.5 x Feldon's (178), and the chord (firebox width) will be 27.5.

    If you put your CC door at 3 o'clock and the RF plate at 9", your lower grate will be 6 inches above the RF plate, or 10 inches with 5 inches above the RF plate for the grate.
  4. [ATTACHMENT=1639]image.jpg (1,271k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]

    [ATTACHMENT=1638]image.jpg (924k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
    [ATTACHMENT=1637]image.jpg (1,404k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]

    [ATTACHMENT=1640]image.jpg (1,035k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]

    [ATTACHMENT=1641]image.jpg (1,237k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
    [ATTACHMENT=1642]image.jpg (1,202k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
    [ATTACHMENT=1645]image.jpg (1,109k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
    [ATTACHMENT=1646]image.jpg (1,202k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
    [ATTACHMENT=1647]image.jpg (777k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
    [ATTACHMENT=1648]image.jpg (986k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]

    Hers is the pictures of our progress so far. Whole smoker. Gets a new trailer under it next week have to install the stack can't decide on traditional stack recessed in smoker 6" or use a plenum on the end smoker is getting a set of chrome aero race wheels with chrome stack and flat black paint think I twill look tits on whith the little chrome
  5. Can somebody fix my pictures???
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    Looks like you are putting pictures up as an attachment (paperclip icon). 

    Try using "insert image" icon  to embed image.  


  7. Here is all of the photos taken so far lmk what ya think
  8. And a little qview from the pellet popper
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    Everything looks really good...... Thumbs Up
  10. Quick ? Dave. Were gunna be putting the vents in the FB tom. Will 4 2x4 vents low in the door be enough or will 5 be enough. Also puttin 2 2x2 vents in the top of door for added heat control.
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    You will need 5.
  12. This is how it sits now those are some loins I did for a wedding rehearsal 6 racks of ribs for giggles. Hopefully once it warms up I'll finish off the rest of it just need to do some grinding on tank to clean up some cuts on tank. Then have it all media blasted and painted mount the rims on it.
  13. Here is a ? For Dave. I am having a problem with fb door warping once I get a good bed of coals and hit 200 degrees the door sucks in in the middle what exactly can I do to fix that any help be great thanks!
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    What thickness is the metal you built the door from....

    Do you have the upper air inlet, on the door, wide open.....

    what size in the exhaust stack and FB/CC opening.....

    what is the size of the CC....

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