$20 Smoker/Grill Stand

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  1. Well I finally finished a few projects and got tired of using my MES on the ground. I got 3 pallets from work that were in really good shape so I got the hammers out and got to work. I wanted a rustic look so I didn't sand it. I did use a fence slat and a 2x8 that I had in the garage, and I got the casters off a big box we were throwing out at work. The only thing I bought for the project was the stain/sealant combo. Turned out pretty well, and can't wait to eat the ribs and the Mac and cheese that's on right now. If you got any questions just let me know.
    These pics are from my phone so they may need to be opened for a clearer image.

    Thanks for looking,

  2. mike5051

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    That is nice!  [​IMG]
  3. Thanks Mike, I appreciate it. It's made cooking outside much easier, it's a one stop shop now.
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    Kyle, What can I say... That's awesome man, really cool ! Ya know it's funny, I have a huge stack of pallets & was thinking other than a bunch for use in my shop what I'd do with the rest ! Thanks for the very cool thread & idea as I was thinking the last time I used my MES, damn I gotta get a stand ! LOL ! I wouldn't mind some info on how ya built it, as I'm not a builder ! Thanks in advance for any info !

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  5. Thanks Justin. I'll take some measurements tomorrow and post them. It was a good cheap way to clean up the patio and not make it look cheap.
  6. bmudd14474

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    Looks great Kyle
  7. garyhibbert

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    Great job Kyle!!!!

    I've been trying to decide what to do for a stand for my MES 30--really getting tired of sitting on the patio cement to tend to the food.

  8. mneeley490

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    Seriously, great job! I really like it!
  9. Thanks Brian
  10. Thanks Gary. It gets very old bending over! I'm about to post the dimensions, should be easy to adjust for the size of the mes30.
  11. I really appreciate it, thanks for checking it out.
  12. Justin,
    As promised. Hopefully these help. If you have any other question just let me know.
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    Excellent job Kyle.  You could take this show on the road.

    Well done.
  14. I don't know about that, but I do appreciate the compliment.
    Thanks for checking it out.
  15. garyhibbert

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    Hey Kyle

    Thanks for posting the measurements.  I won't be putting my grill on the stand, but this gives me a great starting point.

  16. waterinholebrew

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    Thanks Kyle, much appreciated !

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