20 Gal Patio Smoker - Now with Q- View!!!

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by amosis16, May 11, 2010.

  1. Scored a 20 Gal Air compressor tank today. 14"x30"

    My idea is to build a small reverse flow smoker I can park on my patio, Something along the lines of Bikeman's

    Am working out my measurements and details, and hope to be starting on this thing soon.

    Stay tuned.
  2. randya

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    Looks like fun. Please make sure you continue to share the pictures.
  3. duck killer 1

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  4. amosis16 - you should have fun building this one. If you have any questions regarding my build, let me know and I'll do my best to help.

    Not only was it fun to build, it works really well. I've used the heck out of it and although I'm still learning it's quirks, it's a smokin' machine.

    If I were to build another one, there would be a few things I would change. The biggest change would be the fire box door - I would not do the clam shell setup again. The hing point is not very positive and getting it to close when it's hot is a challenge with the strapping on the fire box.

    Keep us posted with your plans and pics.
  5. Thanks for the link Duck! I knew I had seen pictures of your build somewhere and I was looking high and low for them.

    And thanks for the heads up on the clamshell door, Bikeman. I think I am going to do a firebox similar to ducks.

    I am really looking forward to getting this build going. I need to get to ACE to pick up some cutting wheels for my grinder. Then I can get started.
  6. mrblack947

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    Something like this?

    I love this thing. I have used it about 15 times already since march.

    You will love that hell out of it's ease of use and portability.
  7. Was playing with Google Sketchup tonight, and did some designing for my new smoker.

    Was playing around with firebox ideas. This is something I like the looks of, but I'm not sure how I will get the ash out of.

    I'm not sure I like the leg setup. I will probably come up with something different once I see what peices of pipe I can get my hands on.

    The RF plate. Figuring out my distance from the end.

    Google Sketchup is a really neat, free 3D program. I have used a number of 3D programs, including AutoCAD and this is the best one out there. And did I mention its free.
  8. tom37

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    This is in no way my design and I do not take credit in any way. I am only posting to put my words to a picture. I can show it way better then I can say it.

    But if a guy did something like this right down the center of the firebox then you could make an ash rake and have it enter the fire box right below the vent hole. Maybe a 3/8" rod with a 1/2 moon sweeper on the end. When ash starts to build you can slide the piece with holes in it open, push the rake in wards and then pull back. I think this would clear the ash pretty decent. After the cook is done and things are cool it would be easy to use a small whisk broom and sweep the ash toward the holes.

    BTW. Nice work in sketch up.

  9. Okay,  had some time this weekend to start building this thing.    Borrowed a welder from my friend and went at it.


    My first time using a welder.   Don't look too closely at the beads


    Firing her for the first time.


    I found a grill in someone's trash.   I think my smoker will fit on it's stand nicely.


    I have a use for the hood too. Before:



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  10. pandemonium

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    Very cool man, nice creativity too and thanks for the sketch program that looks like it will be very useful[​IMG]
  11. Got the smoker seasoned,  now its time for meat.   


    Threw on a 9 lb shoulder at 8:30 last night.   checked it a few times in the night and by morning she was done.



    I really liked the flavor of this Q      It had good smoke while not being bitter.    

    I definitely prefer this Q over my buddy's Traeger, even if I did have to get up on the hour to tend it last night.

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