20# Cabela's stuffer for snack sticks?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by lancer, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. lancer

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    I use 20-22mm sheep casings for snack sticks.  Assuming a marked shaft, properly lubed o-ring and stuffer walls and a loose meat mixture I'm wondering if the 20# Cabela;s stuffer will handle snack sticks?

    We normally make 15# batches and use a LEM 5# stuffer for snack sticks.  I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on a bigger stuffer and could keep using the smaller one for sticks but was wondering if anyone has been using the new style 20 pounder for them.

    Well, off to the kitchen.  We've got two turkeys to get in cure, a 20 packer brisket to start curing for pastrami and 40# of boneless butts destined for BB bacon to get to work on.

    Thanks and have a great day.

  2. driedstick

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    I would stay with the Lem 5lb'er for Snack sticks,,I heard from others, that you are trying to push alot of meat in that little tube can be a pain in the A$$ 

    Good luck 

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  3. daveomak

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    I read somewhere, the diameter of the plunger, being larger on stuffers over 5#'s, causes an increased pressure needed to force the meat through the smaller stuffer tubes... which can lead to breaking or bending parts in the larger stuffer.... makes sense to me... but they could be wrong....

    From LEM.....
    New "90 degree" handle gives your greater leverage and makes cranking easier. Designed exclusively for LEM, these heavy-duty dual gear stuffers are the best you can buy. The huge drive gear, notched piston rod and all metal gears are built to deliver and withstand the pressure needed to stuff even small sausages. Four solid stainless steel bars create a sturdy frame that won't bend or bow under pressure. Two speed design: high speed raises the piston quickly for filling the cylinder, low speed is for stuffing casings. Air release valve in piston ensures even pressure and better results. Heavy-duty rubber gasket seals the cylinder to prevent leaks. Stainless cylinder is removable for easy filling and cleaning. Mounting holes in base. Includes four stainless steel stuffing tubes (5/8", 3/4", 1" and 1-1/2"). Also available in 10 lb. Stuffer (# 1112). 25 lb. Stuffer is not recommended for snack sticks.
  4. bmudd14474

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    I have a 11lb stuffer and it works good. I would ask @boykjo as he has the big cabela's stuffer and can advise how it works.
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  5. hoity toit

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    the big stuffer is ok if you do 5 lbs at a time on snack sticks,,,,if you fill it all the way up it is very hard to crank even on low gear and you will end up with the gasket blowing out. Do small batches and it works great. On larger casings fill 'er up and you are fine. Mine is a 11 pounder so I have been there on this one.

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  6. gomez93

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    I have a Walton's 11# vertical that I use for snack sticks using the 16mm tube an d have not had any issues, but I haven't had it long. Previous stuffer was a 5# nylon gear job that popped a gear in the middle of a tube of summer sausage.
  7. backtroller

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    I have that stuffer and it will stuff sticks ok because of the two speed gears, but you will loose about 3# in tube and tub, but you can make patties out of that
  8. boykjo

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    When I purchased my cabelas 30 lb stuffer instructions said not to stuff snack sticks or small diameter casings using the motor. I would need to remove the motor and use the hand crank. IMHO I would not even try it with my cabelas stuffer as I know it could possibly fail. The cabelas stuffer is fragile in certain areas like the wall thickness and welded seam of the stuffer. I have had no problems with the gears on the cabelas stuffer but IMHO the gears are not built to withstand heavy duty abuse so I wouldn't recommend the cabelas stuffer for stuffing snack sticks.

    I reiterate what Dave has said I read somewhere, the diameter of the plunger, being larger on stuffers over 5#'s, causes an increased pressure needed to force the meat through the smaller stuffer tubes... which can lead to breaking or bending parts in the larger stuffers,  I must disagree. The gander mountain 15 lb stuffer with metal gears.has proved itself as a work horse and I continuously stress this stuffer having stuffed hundreds of pound of 20mm sticks and it keeps performing without failure. The stuffer container is thick walled and the gears are massive and built like an old Buick. I haven't even lubed it since I got it. I've made my own snack stick tubes. I even made a 1/4 inch tube and I wouldnt hesitate to use it if I needed one that small....................... I haven't seen the LEM stuffer in person but I assume the two are identical looking at pictures....here is what my GM stuffer looks like

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