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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by 78camaro, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. I'm brand new here.....I've been looking at purchasing a new Masterbuilt 40" smoker. My question is will it have room to smoke a couple of 13lb turkeys at the same time? Thanks.
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    [​IMG]    Glad to have you with us!
  4. Thanks....What's funny is shortly after posting the question I did a google search with the same question and your post came up......good thread too.

    Thanks SmokinAl for the nice welcome too......lots of info on here.....good to see good people willing to help others.

    I do have another question and that is whether or not you guys are getting a good smoke flavor to your meats when smoking with the MES or just a juicy finish product. I've noticed some comments on fellas not getting much smoke induced into their meat using an electric smoker. I have a charcoal smoker I use and love it but want an electric one. Thanks again.
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    The smoke flavor is there, but the "smoke ring" usually isn't. Also I would Highly recommend an A-maz-n-Smoker (there is a link to the right). Otherwise you will be loading your smoker every hour or so but the AMNS and AMNPS are pretty much a set it and forget it item for long smokes.
  6. Sounds good!...Thanks again.
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    What he said!
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    Welcome to SMF. Sounds like you will be the proud owner of a 40 MES.
  9.  I love my MES 40 and I'm sure you will love yours. The AMNPS (pellet smoker) is the way

    to go with this smoker. Once properly lit it will give perfect TBS for many hours without

    having to give it any attention.

     Welcome to the forum.

  10. Thanks fellas.
  11. Welcome to SMF, I also am a proud owner of an MES 40 and also have the

    AMNPS & AMNS. Everything works excellent together. I have smoked almost 

    everything in the house that I could get in it. No Failures!!! It's a great one.

    Happy Smokin


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