2 hrs into 6 lb chicken smoke. help please.

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by seldomseensmith, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. So I have been wanting to start smoking meat. I bought a brinkman vertical smoker. Punched a bunch of holes in the pan to get airflow to charcoal. With 2 chimneys of coal I have been at 190 deg for 2 hrs now with vents full open. I was hoping for a higher temp but its all I can get. I guess i will build a mesh like basket for the future. Anyway, any of you pros want to help out here. Will I ever finish this bird at this temp? It is on the top shelf. Anything I can do to ensure success from here? Any tips to help out from here would be welcome. Thanks.

  2. ron50

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    You need to get it hotter. Try adding new charcoal?
  3. ron50

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    The other thing that just came to mind; is your thermometer calibrated?

    You sure the temp is 190? What's the internal temp of the bird?
  4. cheyman

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    I too have a Brinkmann Vertical. I bought a square grill wok from HD for about 14 bucks. Lets the ash fall and not smother the coals. That is if you dont want to build one.
  5. I have an oven therm. in next to the bird and it now reads 210 plus. I added some more coal. I havent checked the int. bird temp. I will soon. The basket will be next. What a design huh? I'm 3 hrs in. My wife thinks im crazy. Cooking a chicken for 5 hrs.
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    I would just keep adding coal till you get to 250 plus. Then when you have a chance do all the mods, especially the charcoal basket.
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    I agree with Ron except I like to cook em at 270-275 for a crisper skin. Good luck and don't forget the Q view when its done.
  8. there is no more room to add. Im piled right up under the water pan. I guess im stuck here for now. Internal temp. 145. 3 hrs in. Should have drilled bigger holes.
  9. Well i looked around and found a 5 dollar walmart grill i bought for a road trip once and punched a hundred big holes in it and slid it in place of the POS brinkmann pan. Temp is now 230 per oven therm and I feel Im in a bit better shape. I just checked internal temp and im at 147. Thanks for your help on this. I hope this produces an edible meal. If not I will be in better shape for next time.
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    Looks like you're getting the idea..as said before you need 250+ on temp..if the bird is at 147 now you're almost home..need to get to 165..thats when i pull mine as it will rise a couple of deg as it sets..wifey will be happy when she tastes it..let us know
  11. Well the temp did great after the switch and I pulled it out and gave it a try. In the spirit of keeping honest I would say the skin was too tough. Im guessing this is from the 3 hrs at sub temp. The meat was juicy and it had a great smokey taste. Im pleased with this first attempt. I choose a chicken cause it was cheap. Im half glad I did. On one hand i didnt ruin a good piece of meat. On the other hand at the end of the day it was a chicken. thanks for all the help and Ill be seeing you all around here.
  12. David,

    Not sure which Brinkmann Vertical you have (they make the "bullet shape" and a square one).

    If you have the one that looks like this: (ignore the control knob at the bottom...I modified mine to use propane in addition to charcoal)

    then you can buy one of these:

    at your local Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, etc for under $10 and it will replace your stock charcoal pan. Simply put a disposable aluminum pan under it to catch the ashes for easy cleanup.

    If you have the bullet type....check this out for mods to make it work like it should.

  13. Hey seldomseensmith ................

    What type of charcoal did you use? When I switched to lump many of my heat problems went away. Less ash and more heat.

    Try a Boston Butt next. It is very forgiving and once your family tastes it, the funny looks will go away. But they come back once you get really addicted and start crusing the meat department when you go shopping! LOL
  14. Yeah I have the rectangular one. I did use lump. It was the brown bag from Lowes. Cowboy hardwood Lump I believe. Has anyone done any weather stripping on the doors and is it worth it. Also, I just kept adding chunks of mesquite to the fire pan. Is that correct? I would just add more when the smoke died off.
  15. I have a rectangular smoker also. I have not needed to weatherstip to get the heat up. As soon as I changed over to lump charcoal and started using the wok pan instead of the charcoal pan that came with the smoker I have not had any heat issues. Ash build up was the main problem.

    I find mesquite to be a little strong. I use hickory and apple on my ribs.
  16. To late I guess but I would crack the lid a bit to get some good airflow through there and get it to flare a bit before closing.Glad it turned out o.k. anyway. sounds like you thought on your feet pretty well
  17. Its best to remember - watch the temp not the time.
    Its good to cook with a higher temp but if its not done its not done.
    sometimes longer is better.

    *I've had mine in at 210-230, 3.5 hours in (int. temp is 155 right now) - I'm holding out for 163.

    That should be some good tender bird.

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