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  1. Was going to just do 1 chuck but figured if I was going to smoke all day I might as well do 2 - so I picked up another at a different grocer. Both are bumping 2.5 lbs but appear to be different cuts based on the grain. Plus, one had some hard fat that I trimmed off. Both will be probed so we'll see how that goes.

    Anyway, rubbed with SPOG and planning on smoking with hickory at 235 until an IT of 150 to 160. Then into a pan with broth and foiled until 205 or so. Also I'm putting a pan of veggies underneath (until I foil the chucks) for an Au Jus.

    First time doing beef on the MES so I have my fingers crossed!

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    Don't know if this will help you, but here's a pair of Chuckies I did a long time ago in my MES:

    Twin Chuckies      

  3. Thanks Bear! I actually read your post along with some other's experience for chuck's and Au Jus and sort of melded the ideas. Going to probe in an hour and see where I stand... it sure smells good out there right now!
  4. OK, pulled veggie Au Jus pan, probed and pan foiled the chuckies with some liquid. They were within 3 degrees of each other (163/166) so that was timed OK I reckon. 

    Going to carry on at 240 and hope they're done in time to rest a bit before dinner tonight!

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    Oh Yeah---Those are gonna be Great !![​IMG]

    Be Back to see!


  6. OK - the chucks were done about 4pm - an 8 hr cook. ITs were 209/210 - pleased they were so close to each other with the MES probe and my "El Cheapo" probe. I let them rest in a cooler for 2 hours before pulling. The more grainy looking chuck pulled with a little more resistance than the fattier one but, man, they were both tender and moist - great!

    Dipped the surface of the bottom half of hoagie rolls quick into the Au Jus, topped with meat and sliced fresh Mozz and toasted both halves the under the broiler then brushed on a little mayo. Ceasar salad, chips and Au Jus on the side - wonderful meal.

    Sorry the pic is a little fuzzy - I was too after an all day smoke (if you know what I mean)!


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    Looks Great, Krooz!![​IMG]

    Mighty Tasty!![​IMG]----------------[​IMG]

    Nice Job![​IMG]

  8. Nice smoke!

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