2 butts at a time

Discussion in 'Pork' started by rodneylenton, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. hey all I am thinking about tryingto do 2 8-10lbs for pulled pork this weekend, eat it sat and freeze the rest, does any body have any time that they found useful. I have a Charbroil Bandera, it is a verticle one.
    Thanks I am off to get another digital thermometer.
    I imagine the cooking time will differ between pieces of meat on different levels.
    Thanks again
  2. Time? TIME?!? LOL... Check the right side of the main page for the time temp ESTIMATE table. Start early, and wrap and cooler it for a couple hours if yer done early.
  3. walking dude

    walking dude SMF Premier Member

    what rich said..........we don't cook by TIME..........we cook by temps.........alot of factors determines time..........wind, ambient temps, how often you LOOK at the meat....etc........

    rule of thumb........1.5-1.6 hours per lb......but thats JUST a estimate
  4. yea time really become a blurr, LOL
    The pieces being on different grates I imagine will vary cooking time some. I was just wondering if is possible to over saturate a piecs of meat since the juices from the top one will drip on the lower piecs.
  5. bigal

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    If you can, do it ahead of time and put in fridge overnight. Before the feast you can warm it up on the smoker and add a finishing sauce or just some aj to keep moist. I think smoked meat tastes better the next day rather than right off the smoker.

    Better get some groc. for slaw and Dutchs' W.Baked beans.

    Good luck.

    Time, yep it will take a little longer.........maybe, depends on your butts, temp, outside temp, moon phase, star alignment, etc. [​IMG]
  6. ds7662

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    [​IMG] Oh no! Quite the opposite. It will make it taste even better. More fat and juices dripping on it will just give it that much more flavor.
  7. morkdach

    morkdach OTBS Member

    i found out time has nothing on temp ya have this darn stall thing to consider[​IMG][​IMG]
  8. I've actually done 8 at a time with a [​IMG] dbl stack of Brinkman Gourmet cookers..and swap the stack every few hours.[​IMG]
  9. gramason

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    Start early, you never know what will happen, it sucks to have people waiting to eat, and you are now where near done. You can always wrap, and put in a cooler like Rich said.
  10. right, I am familiar witht the whole time really don't mean squat, LOL
    Especially when it platue's good thing is that due to kids sports and stuff I will be getting this ready on fri for a get together on sat.
    Will send pics as it goes
  11. walking dude

    walking dude SMF Premier Member

    you got a pic of that?

    i have a ecb gourmet..........interesting idea
  12. I would put the leaner one on the lower and let the fat drip all over that one. Or make a big ol fatty and let her drip her juices all over your butts.
  13. You guys cook by temp...?!?!

    and I've been cooking by beers all this time! Two butts is 10-11 beers.. I dunno what that is in temp though.


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