2.5lb sirloin roast, cook time?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by droopybassets2, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. Hello all, I've had a 2.5lb boneless sirloin roast on my traeger since 830am, its now 7 hours later and the internal temp is only at 130. My father gave me the smoker, which still has the 3 position setting, when he upgraded last year to a Lil Tex Elite. He told me that with the smoke setting hours around 180. Does this sound correct? I just want the meat to be safe to eat even if it does take 12 hours to smoke. Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Hmmm, something ain't right, a sirloin roast that small should be done in 1 1/2-2 hours. You need to cook pork to an internal temp of 145° min. I did two this weekend and we were at 145° in just over 2 hours, running te smoker at 180°-220°.

    You also need to be following the 40°-140° in 4 hours rule, which you obviously missed. Pitch that and start over. Get a therm to monitor your pit temp, sounds like you are well below 180°.
  3. Ok, pitched the pork. Thanks. Sad to say, but I do believe the treager has had its last run for smoking.:th_crybaby2:

    High still works good though so some burgs might help ease the pain. That said, I have my heart set on pulled pork tonight. I have a 4.5 pound loin in the fridge I am going to cut in half, and plan on my first attempt at using a stovetop pressure cooker. Anybody have any ideas? I prefer my pork sauce less unless it's a Carolina Red sauce (which I made a batch of this morning) so does anybody have a decent recipe that doesn't involve dumping a bottle of sauce over the meat? I know the loin isn't near as fatty as a butt so it'll be different but I have used a slow cooker in the past to make pulled loin with good results.
  4. I've done some looking and it appears the general rule of thumb is 1 hour with 1.5-2 cups of liquid. Since I LOVE bark, and I won't get any, I'm going to sear the heck out of it to at least get some texture contrast. My question now is do I apply a rub like if I was going to smoke it and then sear, or sear first, add the rub mixture on top/with beef stock and hope it gets infused a little while it cooks? Sorry for so many questions. If I can't get the real thing I might as well try my best to emulate with what I have, right?
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    Well if it's pulled pork you want, you will need to get yourself a pick butt (shoulder). Both the sirloin, and the loin are too lean for pulled pork. These are slicing cuts. Both of those cuts are cooked to min IT of 145, and no higher than and IT of 155. Any higher and you will dry them out.

    Pulled pick comes from the shoulder and picnic cuts. These you smoke to an IT of 190-205. I typically take mine to an IT of 200-205. Let it rest 30-45 minutes in foil and then pull.

    All of the above cuts are great smoked, but they are different. If you try and take a loin or sirloin to pulling temp you end up with blackened shoe leather.

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