2-2-10 mins for baby backs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jtr, Oct 17, 2011.

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    Had some people over for the Pats game yesterday and did 6 racks of baby backs and 10lbs of wings. I used Jeff's dry rub and sauce for three racks and Jeff's dry rub and Billbo's BBQ sauce http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/77564/billbos-world-famous-dry-rub-bbq-sauce-recipes  for the other three racks.

    I was following the 2-2-1 method for the ribs and when I took the ribs out of the foil they were already fall off the bone.  So I had the grill going on high and sauced the ribs and hit them on the grill for 10 minutes.  They came out amazing but wondered if anyone else had these types of issues. I had them going around 225 and 250.  It was very windy out and saw the temps get up to 265 but not for long.

    The wings were a big hit. Smoked them for an hour then threw them on the grill to crisp up the skin.  Very delicious! Hit them with my own dry rub and tossed some in Franks and others left dry, with my homemade blue cheese was off the charts.

    FYI: I did a blind taste test with some guys and it came out 4-2 in favor of Billbo's sauce.  It was a tough choice but both were a big hit.
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    We always put ribs on the grill to finish them. We like the crust that forms.
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    Billbo's sauce is literally the best BBQ sauce ive ever tasted, the only alteration i do is add another cup of brown sugar because i like my BBQ sauce on the sweeter side, great recipe and im really thankful he shared it.
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  4. I also finish my ribs on the grill to get the nice crusty sauce - bonus is family also loves them finished on the grill.
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    I ran a test between foil and non foil and my foil times from past runs. 

    this time around the foil method went 2-1.5-.5. total time 4 hrs. same for the non foil. I basically moped the ribs with the same sauce I put in the foil. i lowered the foil to 1.5 because they were a little too fall off the bone.i do buy from the same butcher so that helps in guessing the time. 1.5 was just about the right tenderness. not quite fall off the bone but no real hard tug. YMMV

    both came out real good. the foil method does impart a deeper flavor into the meat than mopping alone. but you should play with the amount of time you foil it.  my goal is to have it pull all the way off the bone but not fall off by itself. just a little pull
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    Remember that the 2-2-1 is just a guideline. Size of ribs, temps in smoker will all be adjusting factors. Temps were a little high at 265º. Practice makes perfect.

    That said, "Anyone but the Patsies!! " [​IMG]

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