2-2-1 back ribs delicious but tough

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  1. Just did some back ribs using the 2-2-1 method. I have a grill pro cabinet charcoal smoker. I tried hard to keep the 230 degrees. They came out tough though. They didn't seem dried out. Did I over cook them or not cook them long/hot enough? Did a rack n the oven @ 300 degrees for 2 hr and they're fall off the bone. Please help. Rookie smoker.[ATTACHMENT=2215]image.jpg (1,174k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
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    What type of fuel did you have? Was it up to temp when they went on? What kind of wood was used? Did you need to add to the fuel at all? They look to me like they were cooked below the 230° mark. What type of thermometer do you have? I'd recommend a wireless like igrill or maverick to know grill temp more accurate.

    I personally cook at 225 the same time as you did it and don't have any problem.

    Did you add anything to your foil when they went back on?
  3. Fuel was charcoal with hickory chips. I had juice in the water pan the whole time. The thermometer was he door thermometer that came with the unit. I did add fuel, about 4 or 6 briquettes every hour or so. I also added a chunk of Apple wood at the 2 & 4 hour mark. I don't recall the temp sitting below 230 for long periods of time. Being charcoal and my lack of experience, this could have happened without me realizing it. I will look into a better thermometer. Thank you for your input.
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    Stock thermometers on the door are rarely correct and can be way off. Did you add any liquid in the foil before sealing it?
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    Just by looking, since they didnt have much pull from the bone i would say they werent quite done enough...maybe keep them on a little longer next time..everything else looked really good though!!!Thumbs Up
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    Most likely not cooked enough. Those stock gauges on smokers are usually way off. Invest in a good therm like Maverick or iGrill2 to get a better idea into the temp of your cooker.
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    It will amaze you how much better your food will be by using a good digital thermometer.I would suggest a dual probe,one for the meat and one for cooking temp.It really helped me to cook tender and moist meats.
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    Definitely undercooked.  The thicker back ribs can take longer than the 2-2-1. 
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    Unintentional duplicate post.
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  10. Thank you all for your feedback. Any suggestions for a good thermometer? Also, any suggestions for keeping it from "gumming up" from the smoke?
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    A good thermometer?  I always have at least two handy, my Maverick/Ivation/RediChek 732 ($50-60) plus any inexpensive digital probe thermometer you can pick up anywhere for $10-$15.  The Maverick (also marketed under the other two names) is a workhorse.  The weak point in the Maverick system are the two probes.  Sometimes they last, sometimes they don't.  I've had two fail on me out of six owned in two years.  A third is starting to give spurious readings but they are very accurate until they go.  Cost about $15 to replace. 

    The Maverick transmitter and receiver are solid.  I've dropped them multiple times and they just keep on working.  I've even broke the transmitter antenna.  A little silicone adhesive and it still works like a charm.   
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    I like the Maverick 732. You get them off Ebay or Amazon for $55 to $60..Got 1 recently off Ebay  foabout $60 plus had a extra 6 foot meat probe with it. just my thoughts 

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