1st Turkey on MES30

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  1. Well did my first Turkey on my MES 30 today.  Temp outside was in mid 40's, Clear and windy.

    Started the smoke around 11am. I had the smoker set at 275, on my maverick et-733 temp was steady around 255 -265. I finished it up around 2pm, it cooked faster than i thought it would. I didn't brine it but it already had a 8% solution in it. I just put a cajun rub on it. To make a long story short, it came out good, except there wasn't much smoke flavor. I used apple chips for the whole time 3 hrs. The skin looked good but wasn't. I am more concerned about the smoke flavor. What can I do?

    Here's a picture.

    The breast temp was 165 and thigh was about 162.

  2. Scott

    Turkey looks good.

    You need to take the thigh to 170°. If you want more smoke. your going to have to give it more time in the smoke. You can lower your temp. to let it have more time in the smoke. You can add a stronger wood to go with your apple. Apple is a lite smoke flavor.

    Happy smoken.


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