1st try at a pork butt

Discussion in 'Pork' started by dmwtx79, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. I have seen on here a few folks mention spraying their butts down with apple juice and other juices. Is this necessary and what is the benefits or draw backs from this?
    I have it rubbed, wrapped and waiting in the fridge. Planning on putting it on in the morning
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    It's your first one just toss it on and let it cook! Try something if you want the next time. Looks like a good size butt! Pork butt has plenty of internal fat to keep it moist so I just toss it on no foil until it's napping in a cooler so it's not necessary,you could cut it in half and spritz half just remember everyone you open the smoker you lose a good bit of heat.
  3. I dont spritz mine, I just collect the juices in a drip pan and add those when letting it rest. Ribs on the other hand I spritz the last hour of the cook. I see you have it sitting on a baking pan on the top rack of the fridge. I would recommend putting it on a bottom rack next time, just for safety, raw meat always goes on the bottom.
  4. Thanks for the info guys. I thought about that this morning when pulling the meat out. That's actually my beverage fridge didn't have room on bottom.
  5. No problem, it looks like a good piece of meat. I actually put one on last night and its being a bit stubborn, looks like I'm on my way out of the stall though. Good luck on your cook, just be patient with it, butts have a mind of their own.
  6. Thanks! SAMs special in a 2 pack this one is a little over 8lbs. Saving the other for Friday. Going to do some cooking for Father's Day. Good luck to you too. Got mine on a little after 9 this morning.
  7. Snuck in a few racks of ribs today while cooking the butt. These came out to perfection. Best ribs I've cooked yet.
    Oh did I mention this is the first cook on this smoker. Sure happy with the out come!!!
  8. Through the stall, at 180 now. Looks to be about an hour out.
  9. Well took a couple hours more than expected, but as I see looks like this is pretty common. But here's the final product
    Bone come out pretty smooth!!!

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