1st time trailer RF build-150 gallon tank

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by good 2bthe dawg, Jan 29, 2013.

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    X2 on Weedeater's suggestion for slides, especially if your going with upper and lower grates.  Reaching to the back of a 24" smoker trying to get some meat out, all the while avoiding the upper grate would be a pain.  Make life simpler, slides.  The only time my upper grate comes out is when I'm doing turkeys or beer can chickens, because they are too tall.  I spaced mine out 5 1/2" between the 2 grates, this gives plenty of room for even the largest of briskets, butts and even whole shoulders.   Your door appears to be larger and cut higher than mine, so you might be able to spread them out a bit more.
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  2. installing RF plate. 25" wide

    ran the numbers and i need 163 sq in.

    8" segment should do it. i made it 8 1/4" to insure go flow

    Anybody want to double check those numbers please?

    plus i am gonna have cut the corner down to fit it the CC. just gonna give it slight arc to match tank curve

    raining this morning, hoping to put it tonight!

  3. Got my FB! 2'x2'

    Got inside and out of CC cleaned up. Glad to get that dirty job behind me.

    Heading to tomorrow to look at 3 trailers. I had one, but figured out it'd cost me more to get it up to par than buy a new one. He's also got the 6" smoke stack that i've been looking for. Not against getting new material but sure works the budget better for free stuff! hoping he'll let me look around for odds and ends.
  4. What did you use to clean the tank?

    Just as a point of reference in case you need to make an offer on the 6", I bought as piece of 6" schedule 40 last week for $11/foot new.
  5. i used a 80 grit blender wheel. pretty smooth finish. found them for $2 wheel at a discount tool place and it only took 2. thanks for the pricing info. i've been trying to go to metal shops with knowledge.
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    I noticed in your pictures that the trees are green.  I live in Wisconsin and we are getting snow right now.  Everything here is just a different shade of gray, makes me want to puke.  I miss the green!  AND, I want to move, damn it!!!

    Have fun with your build!
  7. i was born and raised in Indiana. i don't miss it! my buddy moved to green bay last summer and i haven't let him forget it. i'm in shorts, you guys are in snow!


  8. Good day shopping. Scored a trailer rated at 1000 lbs., 6" pipe for chimney stack, 4' x 8' sheet of expanded metal and he even threw in a spare tire and rim!
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    You can call that a good day!

  10. Got in a good lick tonight after some weather and equipment set backs.
  11. looks good so far i see a great smoker in the works i will be ,[​IMG]

    happy smoken.


  12. way good to be the Dawg today! a lot of things came together.

    hinges made and doors on, grates built and installed, baffle drain ran, rear jack installed.

    hoping to tackle chimney tomorrow along with FB latches

    i have 2 6" air intakes on order and still debating location, other than that, i'm getting close. came up with a CC door handle idea i was digging.

    thanks for everybody's input and help, keep it coming!

  13. daveomak

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    Gettin' closer.......

  14. Got the chimney on!!!!

    put water water in it, no leaks.

    stuck a burning log in the FB and we had smoke out the chimney!

    waiting on air inlets and door latches to come in

    and we might be able to do a test run by saturday!
  15. daveomak

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    Nice.............    Dave
  16. Looks real good. Almost ready for some meat!!
  17. thanks guys!

    wrapped a couple more details tonight.

    still waiting on air inlets and latches

    after a test run this weekend, i'll get to prep table, cold cooler, and perhaps a hot cooler.

  18. bruno994

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    Looking good Dawg! 
  19. 05sprcrw

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    Looking good, gonna be producing great q in no time.
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    Great build Dawg!  Can't wait to get some graduation party BBQ.

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