1st time smoker... Where did I go wrong???

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    I just purchased a Master Forge propane smoker and tried it out tonight after seasoning it the other day.  I spoke to a few friends who are experienced smokers and certainly did my research leading up to my first smoke.  I threw 3 lamb chops in tonight and I am very frustrated and disappointed with the outcome.  The directions said to keep the temp between 200-225 so once I attained that, I threw my marinated meat on the middle rack.  The wood chips had been soaked and the water pan was filled.  I kept the temp within the range the entire time.  The directions said it would take approximately 2hrs of cook time so I checked the meat temp at that time and it was barely at 110.  At the 4 hour mark, the outside of the meat looked great but the middle was extremely rare and was only around 120.  My goal was 145-150.  What did I do wrong?  I understand that it takes time to learn and can be a tough skill to master, but I followed everything very closely and it still didn't turn out well.  For God sakes, all I wanna do is eat some meat!  Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Edge! First, what were you measuring temps with? Do you know for sure your therm is accurate? How much did the meat weigh?  If they were chops they shouldn't have been that big which makes me think your smoker temp was lower than you thought. I've never cooked lamb but I can get a 1 1/2" thick steak up to 110* at 210* in an hour. I would check the calibration of your therm.

    I see this is your first post so when you get a minute please stop by Roll Call and formally introduce yourself so we can get to know you. 

    I'm sure others will be by shortly to offer more advice, hopefully someone who has cooked lamb before!
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    I agree check the temperature the smoker is running at with a thermometer you know is accurate the thermometer they mount on the door is rarely accurate. Oh and welcome to SMF

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