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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by swampsnyper, Jan 20, 2016.

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    I built an outhouse shaped wooden smoker. I make a wood fire in the bottom on the concrete slab with oak and regulate with the dampers. I let my sausage stay over night in the fridge and smoked the next day. I started out at around 130 for 2 hours then slowly bumped it up over the next 4 hours till I got an internal temp of 160 then cold water bath. Sausage looked great to me. Only complaints was the casing (hog casing) was a little chewy. Not as crisp as I would like but not bad. And my kids and wife said it was too smokey. 


    What controls the crisp/toughness of the casing?

    How can I get less smoke flavor with a wood fire? Can I shorten the smoke time, heating it up faster?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Yes welcome, Al gave you a great link,,, 

    I have a thought on smokiness?? What about putting a wood stove outside the smoker,,,,use it for the smoke for about 4hrs and putting a heating element either propane or elec on bottom of smokehouse and use that for the rest of the heating time?? Just a thought. 

    Good luck,,,by the way any pics of them there snausages we love pics here at SMF 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker - Stay happy happy happy 

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    Thanks for the link. 

    Still wondering why smoking sausage is recommended for such a long period in the smoker. I can understand the drying out initial part, but is the rest of the time just for getting smoke in or does it serve another purpose? If I was to smoke them for 3-4 hours to reach 160deg internal, what would I see?
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    Some snack sticks I've done.
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    the reason for a long, slow, low heat smoke is... to keep the fat from rendering (melting) out.. which is called fat out... you have to bring IT up very slowly to prevent fat out... I'm kinda liking Al's idea of using charcoal and add chunks of wood for smoke...
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    Deer sausage
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    SS, Your snack sticks look tasty!
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    Is there some trick to getting pics from my phone. It acts like its embedding then it doesn't appear in the reply body. Couldn't get multiple pics on one post and had to embed several times before it actually showed up in the reply body.
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    From your phone, on the bottom of the page are 2 boxes...   MOBILE -- DESKTOP...   click on the one you are using at the time...
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    I thought about using charcoal. I think thats what I'll do. I actually start my wood fire with charcoal. I hope using just charcoal for a few hours doesn't give it a different flavor.
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    Hey it worked. Thanks Dave

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    Nice Smoke house!! and snausages 

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    [​IMG]...  Glad it worked....

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