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Discussion in 'Pork' started by 74dartsport, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Just started my smoker for the first time. Click the thumbnails for larger images.
    Unit is a Landmann Black Dog that I modded by replacing the side grill with a steel plate-

    Raised the fuel grill with 3 bricks-

    And I added a another plate in the bottom to cover the ash removal hole.

    Also put a pan of water in.

    Here are our 2 victims, shoulders for pulled pork, one rubbed with mustard then spices, the other with gravy master and spices. None of my relatives like spicy food so the rubs are very mild.

    On the grill.

    I'm using my DVOM's temp probe to monitor temp at the grill level, and probing the larger of the 2 for meat temp.
    For fuel it's briquettes and fist sized chunks of apple wood. Temp at the grill right now is 215[font=Times New Roman, serif]°[/font].
    Updates to follow.
  2. rbranstner

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    I can't wait to see how these turn out on the new smoker. How is it handling so far?
  3. Temps run from 225[font=Times New Roman, serif]°[/font]-200[font=Times New Roman, serif]°[/font], I've been throwing a couple of chunks of wood and a handful of briquettes on every hour or so as I see the temp drop. The temp gauge on the lid on the initial firing went to 250[font=Times New Roman, serif]° vs the thermocouple reading 200[/font][font=Times New Roman, serif]° but now they're reading the same.[/font]
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    I havn't had breakfast yet so your killing me. [​IMG]I'm heading to Costco to pick up some butt's!
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    Now it is my experience with the thermometer supplied with your smoker is that they are almost always wrong and wrong by allot too. Now your shoulders look good so far like the start so I can't wait for the finished product.
  6. Thanks, that's why I put in the thermocouple, at least that I knew I could trust.
    pic from a little while ago, meat temp is 140[font=Times New Roman, serif]°, waiting for the stall....

  7. They hit 199[font=Times New Roman, serif]° at 9:30 so off the grill they came.
    One before shredding-

    Wife looked at it and said it looked disgusting.
    Pulled apart-

    One bite and she was hooked.
    Hope to get my sister-in-law who swears she will never eat any smoked meat to try it.
    You can taste the little bit of sweetness from the apple wood.
    Next up will be ribs.

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