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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokingmymeat, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Was going to do a butt tommorrow,( butt ) I got chompin' at the bit. It's goin' in tonight.
    Using my MES 30 and amazn pellets so I don't have to stay up tonight. My question
    is what to do with the chip feeder thing? I've taken the chip tray out. Thought I saw
    something on here about it but can't remember. Pics to follow.

    Happy smoking,
    Big AL
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    This is Todd's instructions on the setup for a MES.

    Cold Smoking
    • Pull the chip pan out 1 ½”
    • Remove the chip loader ¼ way to all the way out
    • Place the AMNPS on the rails, or on top the chip pan housing
    • Install Water Pan - Use as a heat deflector
    Hot Smoking
    • Pull the chip pan out on 1 ½” - Do Not Remove!  Chip Pan Doubles as a "Heat Shield" for the door and bottom.
    • Pull the chip loader out, ¼ MAX  - Control Draft buy push/pull in or out.  If you remove the Chip Loader completely, air moves too fast thru the MES.
    • Place AMNPS on the rails – Try with lighted side away from the element or facing element, to see what position works best.
    • Install Water Pan with No Water in the water pan - Excess moisture will keep the pellets or sawdust from burning properly.  If you feel you need extra moisture, fill a small loaf pan and set it on the lowest shelf.
  3. Thanks AL, but unfortunately I posted too late last night to get the help I needed.

    So in winging it I didn't do it like that. I did leave the chip loader out some

    but the pellets went out. Basically there was no smoke when I got up this morning.

    That was at the 9 hour mark. It sure looked good, so I put the chip tray back in and have been adding chips for the last 3 hrs. Going to add chips until it's done. Should still turn out alright,

    just unsure about the smoke. Q-view to come.

      Happy Smoking,

        Big AL 

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