1st Time Fatties - Fajita & Chicken Parm

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  1. I tried out my first fatties today with mixed success.  The big learnings were to 1. Not overstuff and 2. Use more meat?.  Basically I had a few blowouts which you will see.  So let's get to the plans:

    Fatty #1 - Fajita

    1 lb Chorizo (Base)

    21 piece bacon weave / holding bacon (Wrap)


    2 large green peppers

    1 large onion

    1 cup colby jack cheese

    1/2 lb Carne Asada w/ Fajita seasoning

    1/2 lb Chicken w/ Fajita seasoning

    1/3 c Fritos (experimented with this on half)

    Started off by cooking the veggies, chicken, and carne asada and setting to the side. Then rolled the chorizo and layered with cheese - no problems yet.

    Added my veggies and meat. Starting to worry that it is too fat.

    Added some fritos for a crunch? Didn't really notice them in the final product.

    First bacon weave - not too bad.

    Post blowout -DOH!

    Recovered with extra bacon help!

    Fatty #2 - Chicken Parmesan 

    1 lb Ground Chicken (Base)

    16 piece bacon weave / holding bacon (Wrap)


    1/2 c bread crumbs

    8 oz mozzarella

    8 oz cheese stuffed tortellini  

    1/2 c pasta sauce

    8 oz parmesan

    Less issues with this one -  below with break crumbs and mozzarella

    With the rest of the goodies in it - still haven't figured out the roll yet.

    Bacon weave helped with this too and the put in smoker around 230-270 (Thunder storms did not help with temp control) for ~3 hrs. Results were looking great.

    Money shot:

    Didn't have a chance to take a sliced pic as my friends gobbled it up in minutes. Taste was great and looking forward to trying more again soon.  Any advice is appreciated!

  2. Man, I ain't never heard of a fatty, I'm a gunna have to try this sucker!!!
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    Messy but good yes :)

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