1st time ever smoking

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by bombsquadjohn, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. bombsquadjohn

    bombsquadjohn Newbie

    I picked up a propane smoker yesterday for $50 and grabbed two 3lb pork shoulders. Last night I let it sit in a apple cider with some of the run I made as well. It's now in the smoker, I'm 2 hours in.
  2. smokinal

    smokinal Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Good start!

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  3. davidhef88

    davidhef88 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Enjoy the pork, and your new purchase.
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  4. lemans

    lemans Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Wow!! Talk about jumping in the deep side of the pool!! Good for you...
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  5. bombsquadjohn

    bombsquadjohn Newbie

    Well, everything was going great... I pulled it and foiled it at 160 and went back to remodeling the kitchen and then I go check on them and Bammmm!!! They are like 210-215ish 😔 I have them wrapped in towels in the cooler. I hope I didn't ruin my first run, they look good though 👍🏻
  6. davidhef88

    davidhef88 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    They should be fine. If they dried out a little you can add some finishing sauce. There's a few good recipes on the site for them
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  7. bombsquadjohn

    bombsquadjohn Newbie

    It turned out pretty darn good , I did put some BBQ sauce in it after I pulled it all apart. It's not too dry, you can tell it was working on getting that way though. Next time I will watch it closer I just couldn't believe how fast it went from 160 to 215.

  8. abyss

    abyss Newbie

    That looks killer good, what temp dos you run it at and for how long?
  9. bombsquadjohn

    bombsquadjohn Newbie

    This is my first smoker so I was trying to figure everything out. My average temperature was 250, I kept adding wood chips every 30 mins until I reach 160 and then foiled it and continued cooking until 200. I didn't get to it in time and it reached 215ish and I wrapped it in towels and threw it in the cooler for 2 hours. Total cooking time was around 7.5 hours. I am very pleased with it being my first run, I realize how much more I have to learn haha.
  10. gearjammer

    gearjammer Master of the Pit

    Ain't it great, when even if you mess up a little

    it still comes tasting great.

    It looks danged good to me.

    Nice score on the smoker too.

    Have FUN with it.

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  11. bombsquadjohn

    bombsquadjohn Newbie

    Thanks man!!! I'm going to try smoking everything. Haha, what's your goto meat for smoking ?
  12. abyss

    abyss Newbie

    For me a go to thing to smoke is a pork tenderloin, 20 minutes to throw a marinade together, throw it in a 2 gallon bag overnight, next day get the smoker going, and while its adjusting to temp I pull the loin and pat it dry, throw a rub on it, throw it on and 2.5 hours later it's done for a 8-10# loin.

    I like it because it doesn't take a lot of time, it sets up easy, it's pretty forgiving, and it's good eating. My favorite thing to cook though is baby backs, there's just something about them, the look, the drying sauce creating a killer look with the bones etc.
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  13. bombsquadjohn

    bombsquadjohn Newbie

    Im a big fan or pork tenderloin, but ribs sounds amazing too. I may try that tenderloin this week.
  14. [​IMG]  I'll take a couple Sammies with Coleslaw![​IMG]
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  15. bombsquadjohn

    bombsquadjohn Newbie

    It's all gone now :( dinner and lunch for two, next time I need to smoke double that 😬

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