1st time CB and Veni Ham w/pics

Discussion in 'Pork' started by dwaytkus, May 25, 2013.

  1. Here is my 1st smoking post . Took a 11 lb pork loin and cut it into 3 pieces. Mixed up a batch of Pops brine and into the fridge for 13 days. i also made up a batch of brine and put two venison roasts in for the same time. Yesterday I took them out and was concerned by the looks.
    After cutting of a slice for the fry test I was a little more at ease because the inside looked good.
    After a quick fry test the flavor was great so into the fridge they went for the night to form the pellicle.
    Finally smoking day!! Good day for it. Raining and cold. Set the smoker to 190-200 degrees with Apple wood.
    Here is a shot 2 hours in.
    After just under 4 hours they hit an IT of 150 degrees. Had to take a little nibble off them and oh man i cant wait to slice tomorrow and fry up some CB!! Tomorrow I will update with more pics.
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    Dan, morning..... Looks good.... I'll bet it tastes good too....  [​IMG]  ..

  3. You CB looks so good. I have a couple chunks of a pork loin in the freezer that I will be doing in about a week just like you did.

    I use pops brine a lot.

    I have never tried brining venison tho, How did that turn out.

  4. Great job. Trish has been pushing me to do one...We get some Loin today. [​IMG]

    I am going to see the price of Bellies also...[​IMG]  here's hoping Trish goes along with my plan [​IMG]  .
  5. The veni ham is awesome! Tastes just like ham when complete. I was amazed!

    As for the CB. So easy and delicous. Major cost savings too. Picked up another whole loin for $1.49 lb today for future project
  6. Ummmm, newbie alert...

    Does CB stand for Corned Beef???  If not, then what? 
  7. Canadian bacon
  8. Thanks, I was all kinds of confused there!
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    Rich, You'd love it. We call it Venison Dried Beef, because it tastes like Beef Dried Beef. Been eating it all my life. Gotta slice it paper thin.

    Below is a Step by Step, but it's TQ Dry cured. You could use Pops' Brine, and then follow the rest of my steps.



    Nice Job, Dwaytkus!!!!-------Looks Mighty Tasty!!!


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