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  1. So I have an 80 gal air compressor tank that I want to build into a smoker. I was looking on the custom build thread and saw the pics of peoples custom builds.I noticed that some had the smoke stack opposite of fire box like the one I have at home and others had it on the same end. I thought it needed to be opposite to pull heat and smoke across the meat. I've seen the term reverse flow. So #1 Whats the difference, which is better? #2 Does the fire box metal need to be 3/16 or 1/4 inch steel? #3 Diameter of exhaust stack ? I'm sure I will have many more but these will give me some starting points and get some thoughts started. Thanks in advance for any help!
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    First off welcome to SMF. There are plenty of builders on here to help you with your build. The reason the exhaust & firebox are on the same side is because it's a reverse flow smoker. This seems to be the most popular design. The heat & smoke travel under a plate below the grate to the opposite end and then come back across the meat and out the exhaust. The RF smokers are easier to control due to the fact that the plate heats up & keeps the temp steadier. The builder guys will be along to give you answers to your other questions. Good luck with your build & were glad to have you with us!
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