1st time 20lb turkey smoker

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by amosleis, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. amosleis

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    I am smoking a 22lb turkey for thanksgiving. Due to the size i was going to cut it in half and smoke it on two racks to stay out of the danger zone. My smoker only goes up to 275. I was planning on using apple juice in my water pan and applewood chips for smoke, or should I use something different. Also does anyone have an idea how long it might take i need to know when to start it to make to dinner at noon. any info is helpful. Thanks!
  2. ibbones

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    I have a 22lb bird in my MES 30" right now.  I had to cut it in half so I could fit it on the racks.  I am at 162* and 167* at just over 5 hours and the smoker is set to 235*.  That makes my smoker about 250*

    I am also smoking another bird after I pull these out but it is just a 12 pounder.  I did spatchcock it.

    You can do it.  Good luck.
  3. amosleis

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    Awesome thanks for the info. What type of wood did you use?

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