1st St. Louis Ribs

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  1. So a busy week kept me from shopping in advance meaning I was at Costco at 10:00am buying ribs and because of that I sort of felt like I was chasing time all day. In the end time wasn't an issue but that didn't keep me from feeling like it was all day.

    I decided that since this was a test for me then likely lunch for my parents tomorrow I would just do 1 and 1/2 racks. I had to cut them to half racks anyway because a full rack will not fit in the MES30 without some sort of device I don't yet own.

    I started by creating a random dry rub based off reading about a dozen recipes and using what I know I like so it was most of these things in some logical amounts.

    I removed the membrane from the ones I was cooking, did question weather I should have removed the membrane from the 1 1/2 racks I froze but figured they need to be fully thawed anyway so that shouldn't be an issue when they emerge to be food.

    Chose to use 2 parts apple to 1 part pecan and guessed (correctly) that almost 1 row would be good for my first stint of 3 hours since for my first ever rib adventure I decided to use the 3-2-1 method which I will probably come back to in a moment. But the amount of pellets was pretty much dead on.

    Rubbed the ribs used a bit of yellow mustard as a binder. Probably didn't give them enough time think they set about 30 minutes after putting the rub one but again felt a mystery clock ticking, Us Californians always feel the clock we don't know how to relax correctly.

    Dropped it in the MES with a target of about 240 which the smoker tended to stay close to. So far so good.

    After 3 hours (meant for it to be 2.5 but life got away from me) I laid out some butter and brown sugar on foil, put a bit of apple juice and cider vinegar on the ribs and...

    Wrapped them up for another what was meant to be 1 hour 30 but became about 1:45

    Finally one last hour ish in the smoker basted a couple times with the drippings from the foil mixed with the remaining vinegar and apple juice mix and a bit of catsup.

    Fresh from the smoker

    And plated up with some sauteed corn with bacon and red peppers. 

    Final verdict, tasty but likely about 1 hour over cooked since in that plate there might be a bone that dropped out all on its own. So next time I will listen to the prevailing wisdom and either go 2-2-1-ish or experiment with no foil and just basting about the time I foiled this time. I am happy with my first attempt and it is completely edible. I will get the parents verdict tomorrow but they are biased (they like me and my mom likes anything she didn't cook) 

    But big thanks to everyone on this site for sharing information. The fact that it is edible and good has much to do with the amount of information that is on this board.
  2. Hello.  Good lookin ribs.  I'd eat that all day long.  Keep Smokin!

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    Grumblecat , Hello .  Your Ribs looked very good . I too, like a tug to my ribs  and found IMHO , that no foil was the way to go. Lots of smokey flavor , fine color , good bite and juicy . No need for sauce [​IMG]

    Have fun and ...

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