1st Spare Ribs w/ gradual Q-View

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  1. I got done w/ work early today so I hit costco and walmart and picked up some ribs and such to do a rib test on my smoker. I was highly successful doing reverse sear pork steaks that I thought I'd pick up some ST Louis Spares and give 'em a whirl

    Here is a photo with them rubbed down w EVO, dark brown sugar and a cheap rub


    more to follow...in about 2-3 hours


    After approx 2.5 hours at 230-235 degrees in some hickory smoke They ar going in the foil with Apple juice, dk brown sugar and honey:


    Back in the ECB for an 90-120 minutes

    UPDATE #2

    After 2 hrs of foiling here are the results


    The meat has pulled back from the bone and the meat is fairly spongy. yet very flexible. The meat is now back on the smoker grills for 1 more hour, I will use my special Mustard sauce to baste. 

    More to come.

    Final Update

    Money Shot...no smoke ring, I did not replenish the wood once the smoke stopped. This tastes really good though. Better than in the oven



    not bad for a 1st try. The other un cooked slab is in the freezer, may be another try next friday
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    Looks like a great start!

    But...I would suggest not prepping on the packaging even if that's what the ribs came in.  Just a suggestion.  I always prep on a gel cutting board or something like that.
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    looking good already!
  4. Those are some pretty good lookin' ribs. Question I have is did you remove all the sheathing from the back side of the ribs? This takes time and I do it with a sharp knife to start it and then use a paper towel to grip the sheath with and pull. Again, it will require an additional half hour or so to prepping before you season the ribs but if you don't do this, the smoke will not reach the backside of the meat. It will not penetrate that sheath.
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    I agree with the above. Take them out of the package, remove membrane on the bone side then rinse with cold water and pat dry with a paper towel. Take them to a clean work space and apply olive oil, or mustard as some use, then apply rub.

    After the foil stage did you eat them or put back on the smoker for another hour?
  6. I did remove some, and some didn't com off all the way. I may try the "run under warm water" method next time. I may also skip the foil and just slow smoke for 5-6 hours to see what happens. This was a test, I failed, but I will get back on the horse and try again. Also, should I add wood again after the 1st hour? Also Also, what about rolling the ribs and securing them with a skewer?

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