1st smoked venison shoulder

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by bonfireboss, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. Well fall is upon us here in northern WI, fired up the smoker to enjoy my last venison roast. Football is on, beer is cold, and and the smell of meat is teasing the appetite! Good day everyone!
    Rubbed with, brown sugar, kosher salt, pepper, cayenne, and little garlic powder.
    Smoked with mesquite @ 275 for 2 hours till temp reached 140.
  2. Hello.  That's some fine looking meat!  Keep Smokin!

  3. oldschoolbbq

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    That's gonna be good , Bonfire...

    Show us a plate . . .
  4. Sorry no plate shot...Gluttony took over and before you knew it me and my 3 year old son were fighting for the last scraps. You'll just have to take my word for it that it was damn tasty!
  5. crazymoon

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    Looks delicious, venison, cold beer and football ![​IMG]
  6. It was a good day! Now to get out there and restock the venison supply!
  7. Looks tasty, I'm about to try my first quarter this weekend. Did you brine the shoulder prior to cooking? If so what did you use. If not, what would be a good brine recipe for venison? I'm thinking it'll help keep it moist....
  8. Hey Dawg Smoke,
    No I did NOT use brine this time around, and still turned out plenty moist, the internal temp is obviously of the utmost importance, it can go from moist to jerky in the blink of an eye. But truth be told I have never brined venison for any cooking process. (Still fairly new to smoking myself) but I had researched brining as an option, here was a fairly bare-bones brine I found that I thought might be a good starting point.

    1 Gallon of Water (could substitute ¼ gal of water for apple juice too!)
    ¾ Cup of Salt
    ½ cup of regular (not reduced sodium!) soy sauce
    ¼ worchestershire sauce
    ½ cup of brown sugar
    ½ cup of molasses
    1 tbs. rosemary
    2 tbs. pepper
    Submerge & refrigerate 12 hours, no more than 24 hours or salt may overwhelm meat.

    Like I said, haven't went that route yet myself but its an idea for you. Hope it helps
    love to see what you decide on!
  9. Well I got side tracked this weekend and didn't get to smoke the hind quarter so I'm going to try again Friday or Saturday. I'll give the brine a try and let you know what I think. Good thing about hind quarters is they come in pairs!! So if I screw it up there's always next time.....:) Thanks for the recipe, I'll post a pic when its done. Onions and carrots you had with yours looks like a fine idea too.

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