1st smoked turkey !!

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by bobdog46, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. This is my 1st smoked turkey. I did some research and asked questions on this forum over the last several days. I started with a 9.5lb turkey and brined it in 1 gallon of water mixed with 1 cup salt - 1 cup white sugar - 1 cup brown sugar - 1 tblsp cure(pink salt).

    It was in the brine for 2 days then I took it out dried it and seasoned the outside with cajun seasoning. It went in the smoker @ 225 deg with a mix of apple and hickory chips and I am now waiting for it to get done. I am guessing 5 hrs should do it ? The photos are before going in the smoker and after 2.5 hrs in the smoker. I will post pics of the final product when it is done.[​IMG][​IMG]    
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    Looks good,hope it taste as good as it looks.[​IMG]
  3. Oh I forgot to mention that there is a beer can shoved up the rump with beer, worsteshire sauce, and spices in it.
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    I'm keeping an eye on this one, your gonna love it. [​IMG]
  5. I am guessing about an hour to go. IT on breast about 160 IT on Thigh 155. I covered the wings with foil because they were getting a little dark.  Any Suggestions ??[​IMG]
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    A little rub with butter, galic powder and soy sauce? 
  7. It came out wonderful. On the smoker for 5 hrs @ 250-275. The last 30 minutes I bumped up to 320 to crisp the skin. Taste is out of this world - This is will be a repeat !!!  1st pic is just out of the smoker -2nd pic is cut up ready to eat.[​IMG][​IMG]  
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    Oh Yeah!!!!

    That looks good!!!

    Don't eat that all in one sitting !!!!


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    Awesome ! Great looking bird. Once you cure them you will always cure them. [​IMG]
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    Looks delicious!!

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    Yes it does. It looks absolutely delicious!

  12. Can you explain why this is?
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    They have a hammy taste to them and are much more moist. Ask your butcher for some smoked cured turkey wings or legs and get a few. [​IMG]
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    good stuff

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