1st smoked chucky for pot roast.

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    I thought I had discover something new.   And was so proud of myself!

    Smoked Chucky only part way done, to use for pot roast later in winter.

    I bragged to wife, and got my attaboy's from her.  She LOVED the pot roast from it.

    Then before I decided to post it, I discovered through search, that you all have been doing this forever.  Sigh....    Oh well.  At least I discovered it on my own.  LOL

    Anyway here is my smoking for that day.

    4 large center cut  Pork Chops, seasoned to taste.

    2 pieces of eye of round( for SOS, following Pop's method)

    3 large chuck roasts. No seasoning at all.  Not even salt.

    On the smoker.

    I left chops in from 180* rising to 230* chamber temps (about 3 1/2 hours) until 145*-148* IT, and then seared them in the side firebox for dinner.

    They were awesome looking, and tasting, off the grate.  We used 2 of those for dinner that night, but I don't have pic's of them.  Too hungry!

    I was out of charcoal, so I pulled the Chuck roast out, when the chamber started to drop from 235* down to 205*. 

    I placed the chuck, in 300* oven to get to safe temp of 160*, before quickly cooling for storing.

    Chucks after pulling form smoker.

    The third on is under the rack.

    Remember, I did not season chuck at all before smoking.  I only used a SPOG on it when I seared before putting into dutch oven with veggies to bake/roast.

    It has awesome beef flavor and still carried the smokiness taste too.  Turned out better than I expected.

    Gravy made with homemade beef broth and chuck juice from roasting.

    Can you tell I'm a meat and potato guy?

    I didn't know which I liked the most.  Meat, roasted carrots, or potato's and gravy.  So yeah, I ate it all!  And damn, it was good!

    The SOS dried beef was left on smoker while the smoker temps dropped to 170*.

    Here it is coming off the smoker.

    Then placed in oven at 220* for 1 1/2 hours. (I was out of charcoal, remember)

    Then down to 190* oven temp for an hour,

    Then back to 220* oven temp for 2 hours.

    Turned oven off, dried outside of dried beef, and wrapped in paper towels and left if oven, with door opened to remove more moisture.

    Let cool, tested a few pieces, of course, of course. And it was great with garlic flat bread crackers!

    Placed on grate in fridge for 2 days to dry some more drying, before slicing and freezing.

    Not as dry as I usually make, but great anyway.
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    Frank that is another fine looking meal for my waking eyes.Thanks for sharing


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    Thanks Tropics.

    It was Delicious, and I will be doing more of those things next year to stock up for winter,.

    But... I should have known better than to think I had discovered something new on this site.  You folks have it ALL covered!  LOL

    You ever notice how sometimes you like potato's one way and other time another way?

    Chicken done any method, I want creamy smooth, mashed, or whipped potatoes, with milk/cream and butter in them.

    But for pork chops I want fried potatoes.

    And with beef roast, or any boiled dinner (beef or pork)  I want rustic, mash them on your own plate with chunks left in.

    That mash on your own, takes me home to childhood growing up times.  With 8 kids, Mom favored the mash them yourself method.  LOL
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