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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gberger, May 5, 2014.

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    Yesterday I tried my new masterbuilt electric smoker for the 1st time.
    I did 2 whole chickens which I brined over night. I also injected them with chicken broth and rubbed with pepper and a bunch of herbs I had on hand. I put a cut up Apple and some garlic cloves in each one.
    I used apple wood and put them on at 230 degrees for 3 hours. About an 1 1/2 in I put corn on the cob on the top rack. I had soaked them for an hour and kept the husks.
    To say the food came out great would be an understatement! The chicken was the juiciest and most flavorful we have ever eaten. The corn had so much flavor it didn't need salt or butter. My wife just raved about the taste.
    I want to thank everyone on the forum for all the ideas. It really is fun and the food can't be beat!

  2. Yes the folks on this forum are the greatest, making this the best Smoking meat and other things forum on the planet.

    I have pointed so many people to this forum, it is the only thing I feel I can do to help people improve the food they eat.
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      You will find that Smoking food is like a drug man you can never get your fill. Treat you smoker like a fine women and she will never let you down. Last weekend I did Smoked deviled eggs for the 1st time. All I can say about them  OMG they were the best. Every time I do a smoke I toss something in there I have never had. Next weekend Im doing a pork butt with Pecan and tossing a loaf of Rye in to smoke and bake. All I can say Sir is if you can smoke it they will eat it 
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    Way to go Gregg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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