1st smoke on the new MB

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by no peek n, Jan 30, 2012.

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    well got a Email from Fedex saying they left my new MB XL on my door step, so leave work got to Kmart get a17"x13" cookie try as a drip pan, get a 10" cast iron pan for the smoker pan (great idea Gents). get some lump Hickory wood, then off to the market, pick up a 3lb Tri-tip and a half rack of S-ribs, just for starters, go home waiting to see my smoker at the front steps, look over to wave at the neiboors next door and guess what, my smokers on Their front steps WTH,! He said he wasn't even home he pulled up from the store and it was there..Guess Federal Excuss, can't read. glad it didn't get swiped. get it back home and tear into the box(upside down was a great idea Folks) went smooth (45min) only had a very small ding on the back (not very noticeable) great due to how many States it went through to get to me, and (1) screw for one of the legs didn't line up, other than that... Score! got it outside (Sat) and 2 clicks of the ignitor and Poof, it was lit (sweet), did a (2) hour season smoke, and got it up to 300* first to burn off the manufacturing oils, (crap makes you cough, stay clear),so then after a hour of Killing any bugs in the area of my yard, went for the 2hour smoke to season it, one thing was that the burner didn't blow out once due to the wind gust we had up here on the Hill, was a major +, I did put a side of the box it came in just in front to baffle it a bit, rubbed down the Tri-tip and ribs with some rub i got from Rudys back in Tx. and put them on at 225* put the wood chunks in every 1'/2 hours  dropped down to 200* pulled

    them , let it rest, and :30 min later O MY GOD.!!! fall off the bone ribs and my

    tri-tip had a killer smoke ring and sliced like a tender brisket, Great first run, This smoker a keeper..sorry no Pic's Dead battery.

    If in the wrong fourm, please move, Just tell me where you sent it ,...hehehe.

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    Sounds like a great time and no bad consequences!  

    Of course, some will say it never happened...!  But, replenish your batteries and get Qview!
  3. Hi guys,

    First post so bear with me please. I too just got the MB XL, it's my first smoker. When you burned off the manufacturing junk, did you add wood or just fire it up? When you seasoned it, did you add anything other than the wood and should I use chips or chunks?

    I plan on doing ribs this weekend and sausage to start.


  4. Hey Shinny, a lot of guys say there's no need to run wood/smoke when seasoning a new smoker but personally I always like to for a couple reasons.  First, I think it gives the new smoker a little smoke mojo just for starters.... not that there's any scientific support as for this being beneficial, but it can't hurt.  Secondly, and more important I think, is it gives you a great idea how the new smoker is going to actually smoke - such as: if there's any leaks in the doors, seems, whatever and how many chips/chunks it's going to burn and for how long.. BEFORE you put some pricey meat in the box.  Just my VH $0.02.....

    Best of luck with that first smoke and be sure to post some q-view for us!

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    Great advice Salt.
  6. Thanks guys, all advise is appreciated. I'm running it now without smoke to burn off the manufacturing goo. It stinks. I do this when I buy a new grill too, just to make sure that smell and goo doesn't ruin the meat. I'll run smoke shortly to get used to it.

    Thanks again

    I'm running smoke, using Hickory chunks, and I must be one of the lucky ones. The door seams to have a good seal and the thermometer is only off by 2 degrees. I added some water to see how long it would last.
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    What you gonna smoke first Shinny?
  8. I've got ribs rubbed and sausage going on today. I'm making a KC and Tennessee BBQ sauce too. I hope they turn out ok
  9. We'll be waiting [​IMG]
  10. Sorry no Q view. They didn't last long enough. Thanks for the advice everyone, my neighbors kept smelling them cooking all day long. They came over for dinner and devoured them in minutes. The kids even loved them. I made my own East Carolina BBQ sauce for the kids and that's almost gone. Why did I wait so long to get a smoker?

    I must say, the advice, information and recipes on this forum are incredible. I can't thank everyone enough. First smoke was definitely a success. What to do next?


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