1st smoke on my Cookshack

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by rattlin_ram, Aug 19, 2013.

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    Had a chuck roast and an arm roast in the freezer, along with a few chicken legs so decided this weekend to try out my new (to me) cookshack....  Everything went pretty well except I think I should have cooked at a lil lower temp.  I set it at 250 and my gauge inside read just over 200 on the racks (but I'm not entirely sure how accurate my gauge is).  It only took about 3 hours to getup the arm roast up to 145 and the drumsticks seemed to cook lil faster than they do on my other smokers.  Anyway I injected worcestershire sauce mixed with A1 into the roasts.  Rubbed with some cookies flavor enhancer and black pepper.  The chicken was just Vinny's (local bbq joint) rub and a lil bit of Tony Chachere's.  All spritzed every so often with apple juice.  Then I kind of forgot to take any pics after all was said and done but got some after we where done eatin... 

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    Forgot a cpl pics.

  3. Looks like some good eatin there  [​IMG]
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    Good job!

    Cookshacks are hard to beat!

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