1st smoke 4th of July success

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kainabis, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. Hey guys ... Hope you all had an excellent Fourth of July. I smoked a pork roast given to me by my father. It turned out excellent. Everyone loved it. I was a bit nervous (1st time smoking on my newly modified ECB. I have pics of the modification and the roast. Just not sure how to post them on here (I'm on my I phone). I did manage to change my avatar picture to a picture of the roast cut open after it was done. I used kingsford briquettes with apple and hickory chips. Can't wait till next year when tax refunds come in planning on getting a WSM 22.5 model ( heard that this was a pretty good smoker to smoke on) would appreciate any feedback on smoking tips or what smokers are good for amateurs like me to smoke on. Thanks and smoke on !! :yahoo:
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    That is one nice looking pork roast Buddy.

    If you use your phone more often then your computer you might want to get the Taptalk app, have seen many use it to post pics to their topics. As for the 22.5 WSM, I have one and I love it...newbie or not it is a great smoker and easy to learn.

    Great job!

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