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  1. Attempted my firs shoulder, couple of days ago, and decided to go with the Weber kettle instead of the ECB.  Used an all purpose rub that I tweaked a little, and have grown to love it.  Split and quartered a chicken as well just for fun.  Half of it got the All Purpose Rub and the other got a Beer can Chicken rub from McCormick.

    The shoulder came out ok but it wasn't as tender as I hope it would be.  I haven't yet perfected using the kettle, and tends to run hot.   Could the increased heat possibly contribute to not getting as tender as I expected it too?. Note: it did not get a good amount of rest time 45 min tops due to a hungry bunch of kids and adults at my house. It was juicy, and all in all turned out to be a success. The bark was outstanding.

    How is the best way to maintain heat on the kettle? I use the minion method as I have read to do, and usually get around 5 hrs or so of smoke time before I have to add more charcoal.  Is a full chimney too much to start with?

    Sorry no money shot in the chicken, it probably turned out the best and was devoured before I could get any pics. 



    All purpose rub Chicken:


    Beer Can chicken:

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    Great looking Q!
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    You didn't say what IT you took the butt to. For it to be tender it needs to get to 205. Then check it with a probe or toothpick, it should go in without any resistance. If it does then you should be able to grab the bone & pull it out clean. If you do all that the PP will melt in your mouth.
  4. All the above [​IMG]

    Looks good and juicy[​IMG]
  5. IT was actually closer to 201 or so.  Didn't expect it to make that big of a difference.  Live and learn I guess, at least it was still edible. My thermos are tested and pretty accurate.

    Thanks for your help, hopefully I'll execute it a little better next time.
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    Did the bone pull out clean?
  7. Mostly, it took a slight tug to get it out.  It was still "stuck" towards the center of the meat. That rest of the bone was clean.
  8. This cut really needs low and slow to break down the connective tissue.  If it is taken to temp too quickly, the elastin and collagen do not have time to break down.

    If you get your pit temps under control, and have patience, I bet you will be on the right track.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Looks good to me, best part is it don't be your last one. [​IMG]

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