1st round of Ribeye in "TheSteakAger"

Discussion in 'Beef' started by justin b, May 21, 2016.

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    Decided to take the plunge and try my hand at home aging.  I've read through some past posts that suggest its impossible, due to the lack of enzymes in a piece of meat that has gone through the packing process.  I'm not really in the position to discuss any of that...all I know is that this was hands down, 100% the absolute best steak I've ever had.  I only went 29 days this round, so I didn't notice much (if any) change in flavor profile.  If anything, it might have been slightly beefier with a very very slight undertone of a buttery flavor.  The pellicle definitely had a buttery aroma to it. 

    However, it was unbelievably tender.  It cut and chewed like a really good filet, but with the awesome taste of a Ribeye. 

    Have another one (larger) going now and will be pushing it to 42 days this round.  



    Day 29:

  2. Looks good to me:)Nice little set up u have there to contain it too.Weve aged beef sides for up to 5-6 weeks in a controlled environment....and the outcome is always amazing.Good luck with ur next piece!
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    For prolonged aging, you really need to buy your meat from the source, or as close as you can get and make sure you know the "Kill Date", not the "Best Buy date".

    If you are buying from the grocery store, then you can do a short age, but it gets iffy for the longer aging.
  4. Good points here^^^^
  5. justin b

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    Ya, I've started to look at some of what the ranchers out here offer, but it seems like these days everyone has moved to 100% grass fed.  Not really a big deal I guess, but I'd prefer an animal finished on grain in most cases.  Most of the 100% grass fed stuff I've seen is pretty lack luster in the marbling department.

    That said, on day 10 of 42 for the next round.  Just went with a full 16lbs ribeye from Costco.  I'll report back with how it went :) 

  6. smokinal

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    You can't beat dry aged beef.

    Just did a ribeye for 40 days in my home fridge. Turned out great.

    Got 6 nice 1 1/2" thick steaks out of it.

  7. justin b

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    Yea....it's gunna be hard to go back to 'fresh' steak!

    I ended up with 6 steaks (1.5") from a ~8.5lbs roast.  Hopefully this 16lbs ribeye will yield at least 12

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