1st Roast run

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jno51, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. jno51

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    Ok men here we go 6 days later[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. jno51

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  3. jno51

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    [​IMG][​IMG]Actually the last one was wrapped in cheese clo[​IMG][​IMG]th
  4. jno51

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    I am glad I can cook better than i can post this stuff.[​IMG]
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    Now that sure looks good to me. Now I would like to have a plate of that food.
  7. jno51

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    Thanks to chef Jimmy J for his saving my @$$ it was good. It was bad to the bone ! , well no bone in this one, but you know what i mean. "UP IN SMOKE"
  8. driedstick

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    great job recipe how long did you marinate and what is the cheese cloth for??? i want to do one this weekend please help me - Steve
  9. chef jimmyj

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    You are Welcome!...Nothing like a couple of days Dry Aging to get Beef tasty...JJ
  10. smokinal

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    It certainly looks delicious!
  11. jno51

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    I marinated over night with a product called RED CREEK, it is a liquide marinate. I took it out, wipped it down and rolled it in the cheese cloth. Steve I think the cheese cloth is to keep the meat dry and allow it to breath, which allowes for the dry aging. I can assure you that may not be the right reason. This  was my first run as well and Chef Jimmy J had to save my rear on it. He looked at the photos I posted and immediately corrected me, saving a good roast. "Kinda roasted me a lilltle bit if you know what I mean." I sat mine on a rack over the drip pan for 6 days in the fridg. I cooked it for about 6 hours over oak untill my inside temp was 160. There is only one way to learn just do it and good luck. It is well worth the effort. My family loved it.  


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