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  1. I smoked my first ribs this weekend and they were pretty good.  I placed my order for the wireless maverick thermometer from AMAZIN last WED. and received it on FRI with free shipping. After that mods or not I wanted some ribs. I started the smoker warming up and placed a bread pan full of water in the smoker next to the firebox. After I placed the meat on I realized I forgot to put drip pans in and forgot to lower the stack (oh well). I forgot to get a spray bottle so I used a baster to put apple juice on the ribs. I ran out of charcoal at the 4 1/2 hour mark, so I finished them in the oven. One was wrapped in foil the other was in a pan covered in foil with a homemade sauce added. I should have uncovered the ribs with the suace as it did not thicken up good until they were reheated. I was very happy with the results and wanted to thank everyone here for the help.

    Temperatures were fairly stable using the Minion method but would spike whenever I added more wood chunks to the charcoal.  I've already spoken with my uncle who is a metal fabricator about making me a baffle and some tuning plates. From searching on here I was planning on placing the plates about 2 3/4 in. below the cooking surface. Does this sound about right or should I go higher or lower and can you explain why you would do it differently?

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    Now I would like to see a picture of the inside of your smoker but it sounds like you are on the right track with a baffle. That way you can eliminate the hot spot next to the fire box. Now smoking will come to you more and more that you do it so now your learning all the little things that will make you a fab smoking machine soon enough. So keep on smoking. 
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    Too bad you didn't get any photo's of the ribs. They sure sound good!
  4. Thanks for the reply. That is a nice setup you have. Hope to have my mods done within a week.
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    I had planned on getting some pictures but got way behind schedule. I wanted to put the meat on around noon but after taking my mother to the grocery store and running by my grandmothers, I did not start until 4pm. I know, I know no excuse for a quick pic for some Qvue.

    I'l have to try the smoked pizza. Do you have a link to this? What kind of wood do you use for it?


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