1st Reverse flow trailer smoker build

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by socalsmokin, Mar 4, 2016.

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    Hi everybody so I'm 28 from east LA been smoking for about 8 year on random homemade small smokers. I'm going to cross over to small catering weekends etc. I'm putting together my build plans I'm going to start with 1/4 plate rolled 60" in length I'm not sure about the ID I'm thinking 24" or 26" ID. FB is 22 22 24. Still figuring out the wb dimensions and help with meat racks dimensions of like 4 racks with 2 doors.
  2. socalsmokin

    socalsmokin Newbie

    I'd like to imitate crazyQs trailer build if anybody has any constructive input that would be awesome thanks everybody
  3. I am in the process (slowly) of building my first vertical reverse flow smoker. When I was researching build ideas I was amazed how many builds of all different kinds are detailed on the Internet. I searched "reverse flow build" and found hours of reading/research.
    Hope this helps
    And welcome aboard.

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