1ST Pulled Pork(2nd smoke) w/qview

Discussion in 'Pork' started by obie, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Today I made my 1st pulled pork using a picnic because I was unable to find any butts. Checked local grocery store and BJ's(like Sam's Club) but both were out. I started by applying yellow mustard and a store bought rub last night and left in fridge overnight. This morning woke up nice and early 5:00am to start things rolling and set the MES at 225. At 5:45 put the picnic in and used hickory chips for smoke. Smoked with hickory until int temp reached 160 and removed from smoker at 205 degrees and wrapped in aluminum foil to set for 1 hour. Removed from foil and pulled to chunks and once cooled hand pulled.
    Overall I was happy with the way it turned out. Next time I would like to try making a rub and a BBQ sauce if anyone has suggestions.
    Does anyone have any insight on wrapping at 170 degrees?

    10:50am approx 140 degrees

    5:54 205 degrees



    Finished Product
  2. rp ribking

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    Looks great and I bet it tastes great too.

    For a base for bbq sauce apple cider vinegar or ketchup is a good choice. For sweetness dark brown sugar, molasses and honey is good. For hot any hot sauce should work. Just add how much you think you would like of any of these choices and it is a good starting point to which you can add more things. I do not buy store bought sauces anymore.
  3. jbg4208

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    Jeff Sauce is excellent along with his rub. I also use mcCormicks sweet and smokey rub.
  4. rp ribking

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    Oops, I forgot the main ingredient in bbq sauce, Jack Daniels Whiskey.
  5. flyfishjeep

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    Looks Great to me! It sounds like you were a bit disappointed in your results? The meat itself looked fantastic. Try using the finishing sauce that SoFlaQuer made. I have used it as a rookie as well with great compliments. I also have an MES 30"
    Here is the link to his finishing sauce.

    I can't find the link with the BBQ sauce, but try injecting the butt with some apple juice, apple cider vinegar and any other spices you may want to add.

    I also foil at 170 and take it off between 195 and 200 and let it rest for 2 hrs if the family will let it.
    Hopefully this helps a bit.
  6. caveman

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    I have ordered Jeff's rub & sauce. I haven't used it as of yet but when I do, you will know about it in my next qview that I used it. In the meantime, my wife & I use this creole seasoning.


    With this, we don't feel the need for BBQ sauce. Just as a rub. Now mind you, I did pay for Jeff's goodness & plan on using it. This is just until you either order your own or find something else for your taste buds.
  7. Thank you everyone. I will definitely try these suggestions.
  8. rdknb

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    PP looks great, some well most I think foil at around 170. I do not as I like the bark and I have been still getting very moist meat

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