1st posting for brisket!!

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  1. Morning everyone. First time posting about any of the smokings I have done. I do want to say that I have learned a lot from reading what everyone else has posted. This was a last minute idea Friday night at 10 so after just a short day of injections of apple juice and butter and a dry rub, this 10# bueaty is on the smoker. It's the biggest one so far I had to kind of press it in to fit. Here are a couple pictures so far. Will post a couple more as the night goes on. Here's a picture of it before I placed it on the smoker.[​IMG]
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  2. Here it is nicely wedged onto the smoker.
  3. . 7 hours later we have a nice bark and its ready for foiling.
  4. bigd3077

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    Looks good! Waiting for sliced pics!!
  5. oldschoolbbq

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    Looking good :drool I'll bee watching this one . . . :Coffee:
  6. twoalpha

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    Good start now the wait. [​IMG]
  7. Sorry it has taken a while to post sliced pic, but camera died as I sliced so had to use a different one, but here you all go.
    Did not have a smoke ring as I thought it would, but it fell apart like pulled pork. No complaints from this end.
  8. demosthenes9

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    Congrats.   It fell apart due to the amount of time it spent in the foil.  If that's what you were after, all good.   If you want to try sliced, just pull it a bit earlier next time.
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    If my brisket gets that tender, I just change the plans to chpped beef!

    Looks great!
  10. bdskelly

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    Looks like a great brisket !



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