1st post. Char-griller smokin pro mods and maiden voyage. Qview beef ribs and chicken.

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  1. Well, I finished the standard char-griller mods this morning, and after seasoning I figured I'd give her a test run on a whole chicken and some lean beef ribs.

    The only novel modification that I incorporated into my smoker was to use some "u-channel" instead of  "z-channel" as is often seen on these smokers.  

    No baffle/tuning plates, nor did I flip the charcoal pan.

    Ribs were rubbed with 2:3 salt to pepper and the chicken received a salt/pepper/brown sugar/chili powder rub.

    1/2"x1/2" u-channel with 5/8 stove gasket

    While the stove rope and u-channel was very effective, I had a severe air leak occurring at the door of the SFB.  This lead to temps shooting to 325*.  Some foil fixed this and brought the temp spike back down.

    Once I found the sweep spot on the smoker, I could relax for a moment and tried a new strong ale.  Decent.

    I kept it at 225* for most of the smoke.  I probably should have gone a bit hotter for the chicken, but I was more concerned about making sure I could run at 225* without a struggle.

    About 4 hours in.  Ribs pretty much done.

    The red/pink color is exaggerated in this image, but you can see they were pretty skimpy ribs.

    A bit of chicken.  I took this up to 170 in the breast and let it rest for 30min.

    All said, I am very happy with this smoker.  Tomorrow I will be smoking a 5lbs brisket flat, a rack of baby backs, and some hot sausage.  More pics to come, then.
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    Looks great 

    Beef ribs are my favourite 

    very nice colour 

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