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Discussion in 'Pork' started by bubba in texas, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. I just put my first pork butt on my Master Forge smoker.  I realized that the butt still had the skin on it, not just fat.  I didn't notice this when I applied the mustard and rub last night as I was also making fish tacos simultaneously.

    Do I need to cut the skin off as I still have time to do so and apply additional rub?

    Also, fat side up or down?
  2. I have done it both ways, I guess it's a little better to have the skin off. However, my first two i ever did had the skin still on and they turned out fine. So I would say if you feel like cutting it off you could, but otherwise it will still turn out good. I have also done it both ways with the fat cap. Some folks say to have it up so it drips down over the meat, others say to put it down. I now usually put it down. The main reason i do so is incase my firebox gets wild and the flames start to shoot inside the main body it helps protect the meat. It really all comes down to personal preference I think.
  3. Thanks for the reply.  I scored the skin prior to rubbing and it's opening up nicely so it should get plenty of smoke.  I would think it will come off easily when complete.

    I have a propane master forge smoker and the fire is below the wood box and the drip pan is above the fire box so essentially no worries about a flare up.  With that in mind, do you suggest fat side up or down?
  4. I have the same model you do and always put mine in fat cap up, so it bastes the meat as it cooks.
  5. That's the same line of thinking that I have.  Do you like your smoker?  I've had really good luck with ribs and so so with brisket.

    Do y'all spray your pork butts with apple juice/vinegar solution for moistness or do you just let it cook naturally?
  6. I have no scientific justification for this, but in my world it makes sense ;)

    I put fat cap up initially and then when I foil, I turn over--the fat cap being on bottom (creates some great pork gold!)
  7. I love it. I sealed the doors with some rope gasket and replaced the regulator, hose and orifice with a high output unit that has a needle valve and makes it easier to make small adjustments to the temp. It also lets me get up to 300-350 with no problem to crisp up chicken skin. Today I have my water pan filled with pea gravel and covered with foil to see if it would help with holding the temps better. I have not made a temperature adjustment in about 6 hours because the temp has been holding so steady. I will be using it like this from now on.

    I don't spray mine, but usually foil it for the last few hours.
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    Fat cap up here too.

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