1st place pulled pork! 3rd overall

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  1. This was my first competition but not my last! Used Blues Hog and a little bit of a sauce from my Ribs. It was a 12lb butt that I dry rubbed with a Rib rub I buy from my local Amish store and let rest in the cooler with some ice for two hours. I put it on at 12am and pulled it off just after 4pm. It cooked between 200 and 240 until the last 2 hours (wasn't quite where I wanted it) when I moved it down on my smoker where it cooked at 280. I pulled it at 197 let it set for about 10 minutes and shredded the hell out of it. We had to have 6 portions for judging so I placed each portion on a small piece of lettuce ensuring there was good bark for each judge. It was such a mad dash and my phone was near dead I didn't get the chance to snap any pictures of the meat. There were 4 classes you could enter Pulled Pork, Pork Ribs, Brisket, and Chicken (anything goes). There were 15 teams that entered 3 were pro and the rest of us here just hobbyist. The local Hyvee (grocery store chain) won Grand Champion. Prizes were 100 for each class and an extra 100 if you bought your meat from Hyvee and 200 for grand champion. The event was in Chillicothe, MO 

    I've got to add competitions are pretty nuts. Over night I started to think a bouncer needed to be there. One guy got punched and there were about 5 arguments that were near fights. I just stayed in my canopy and tended my smoker (not a drinker). I also had a grass fire, set fire to the wood in my storage cage, lost a glove in my fire box(quickly retrieved but it did catch on fire), and caught fire to the grease in the bottom of my smoker(no food was in it yet). I also made a couple of mistakes on my other meats I felt cost me potention Grand Champion. My chicken was on the rack with the pork and it got a little over cooked (170) making it dry. I sauced my brisket(I am not too big a fan of it  so didn't know what was right) with a sweet sauce and I dried one rack of ribs out by poking a hole in the foil to see where they were. We got the judging sheets so I seen the dry ribs cost me big time half of them were highly marked and half knocked tenderness. My real mistake was not checking the 2nd rack before cutting double meat ribs. Had I known the others were dry I would  have just turned in regular off  1 rack. 
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    :first: great job.... once you get bit by the competition bug it's hard to break the habit.... learning from your mistakes is the best knowledge a person can ask for....

  3. dockman

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  4. chef willie

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    Interesting story behind the competition....fights??...wow. Congrats on how well you did do and it sounds like you learned a lot just from the first attempt. Nice looking trailer rig you have there as well.....Willie
  5. bruno994

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    Well done sir!  Big congrats on the pulled pork!  Yep, you're hooked.  Welcome to your new addiction, Comp BBQ.
  6. Congrats on your walk, feels good doesn't it to get your number called? That hook is probably "set" now.....[​IMG]
  7. dougmays

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    Congrats!! Still trying to work on my first pork award:)

    That's crazy about the fights...the fellas down here in florida are very friendly for the most part. You can tell the ones who think you are spying on them and you just leave them be
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    Congrats!  Proud of you!

  9. Very cool! Congratulations!      I'm just a noobie at this, but some days after a really crappy day at work I picture myself towing a nice rig, winning contest after contest........... You go Man!
  10. Wow great job shmitty you'll get better every time we learn from our mistakes I remember my son and I getting our first hardware awsome felling huh
  11. hagisan

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    Well done! Congrats on [​IMG]  and [​IMG]!
  12. wjordan52

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    Way to go on your first competition! :yahoo:
  13. foamheart

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    Congrats man.... and like that cooking crew of yours. Did ya have to take a day off and rest afterwards?
  14. Was Sunday so I just slept til noon, my sleep schedule is usually not very consistent with work so I'm used to it. My mother is the woman with me she was awesome towards the end probably the reason for 3rd overall those presentation points really rack up! I was hoping to give all that hickory away as I've got a couple  of trees down ready for next year and that stuff was pretty ate up I did get rid of some but not near all of it. 

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