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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by primevci, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. OK so i did find some meat probably not the best but was on sale and for the first batch with hi- Mountain Teriyaki i sure it will work fine here are some pics and more to come tomorrow

    This is my setup so far nothing to fancy heres about 6.5lbs of meat as stated on packages, and a nice tool i picked up with my wholesale sports gift card the cutting board and knife...

    This is the cutting board in action works great it has 2 sizes 1/4" and flip it over it has 3/8" i went with the 1/4" it also came with a knife witch worked pretty good works well if you wet blade between each cut...

    Here it is chilling till tomorrow mornin....

    I'm not sure what chips I'm gonna use in the smoker tomorrow i think cherry would go great with the Teriyaki mix.. we will see MORE PICS TOMORROW!
  2. beer-b-q

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    Good Start...
  3. meateater

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    Took me a minute to figure out that cutting board, never seen one like that.
  4. yeah its pretty neat actually
  5. hey one question does the curing process kinda change the color of the meat?
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    Thats some nice jerky pieces you have there. Now if you cure them I will change the color to a little darker red in color all the way thur. I like your new knife I have to get me one of those things.
  7. Yeah i cut all that up in less than 30 mins..
  8. Day Two :) the fun day

    Alright here they are loaded up on the racks i just had enough room in my 50 lbs smoker for 5 pounds of beef jerky ? :) really even cuts all the way threw really impressed with the cutting board..

    As you see i went with cherry we did cherry with some summer sausage and they loved it so they wanted it for the beef jerky...

    Added my own touch to it i like coarse ground pepper on jerky for some reason i didn't add allot just a little bit..

    Here it is loaded up ready to close...

    And my big chief all snuggled up cozy and warm :) and sitting here i just changed out the first pan already smells awsome....
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    Well....how was it???
  10. nice start. For those who want a board like that and are handy just go to a HD oe equivelent and pick up a piece of Poplar cut it to size and router out the middle. You will also need another piece of anytype wood to put on top of the meat your cutting to put equal downward pressure and to avoid cutting yourself when the meat becomes to thin to be safe. Ps After you have the pieces coat the wood with either butcherblock oil or mineral oil (availabe at supermarkets).
    Or for those without a router glue 1/4 and 3/8 inch pcs around the perimeter and tack with brads, you'll accomplish the same effect.

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